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Chelsea Robato Biography
Chelsea Robato Biography

Chelsea Robato Biography

Chelsea Robato was born on July 14, 1989, in Guam, United States. She recently got married to her longtime boyfriend, Benjamin Alves. She emerged as a multifaceted personality, blending the worlds of modeling and entrepreneurship. Raised in a diverse environment, her early years laid the foundation for a future marked by creativity and innovation.

Chelsea Robato Career

Modeling and Entrepreneurship: Chelsea Robato’s journey into the world of modeling and entrepreneurship started gaining momentum when she became a contestant at The Miss Universe Guam pageant in 2008. Her presence and talent earned her recognition, setting the stage for a career that would extend beyond traditional beauty pageants.

Mega Fashion Crew Triumph: In 2011, Chelsea achieved another milestone as one of the first-season winners of the Philippine-based television show Mega Fashion Crew. Her participation showcased not only her modeling prowess but also her ability to navigate the fashion and entertainment industry.

Digital Stardom: Venturing into the digital realm, Chelsea Robato cultivated a massive following on Instagram, where her posts feature a vibrant mix of fashion, travel, and lifestyle content. With more than 290,000 followers, she has become one of the most popular and financially successful Instagram stars.

Chelsea Robato Net Worth

Chelsea stands out as one of the wealthiest Instagram stars in the United States. Our examination, along with information from Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, reveals that Chelsea Robato has amassed a substantial net worth of $5 million. Her success in the world of social media has contributed significantly to her financial prosperity.

Chelsea Robato Personal Life

Marriage to Benjamin Alves: Chelsea Robato is married to Benjamin Alves. The personal life of Chelsea Robato took a significant turn when she tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend, Benjamin Alves. The marriage ceremony took place at the Santuario de San Antonio Parish in Makati City on January 28, 2024. The celebration was a blend of elegance and style, with Chelsea donning a Francis Libiran-designed gown and Benjamin in a classic white tuxedo.

Joint Ventures and Interests: Benjamin and Chelsea’s union extends beyond personal ties; they share common interests, travels, and business ventures. The couple is not only known for their dynamic relationship but also for their joint YouTube channel titled “Love, Ben and Chelsea.” The channel provides a glimpse into their lives, featuring engaging content, including the story of their engagement.

Chelsea Robato Relationship With Benjamin Alves

Chelsea Robato and Benjamin Alves Wedding

A Dynamic Partnership: Benjamin Alves, an actor, and Chelsea Robato, a content creator and model, form a dynamic duo that extends beyond the realms of love. Their shared passion for art, fashion, and entrepreneurship has led to joint endeavors, such as the launch of their online flower business, House of Roses, specializing in Ecuadorian Roses. The couple’s creative synergy is evident not only in their professional collaborations but also in their shared love for fashion, as seen on their Instagram accounts.

Business Ventures: Aside from their individual pursuits, Benjamin and Chelsea are business partners. The establishment of House of Roses in 2020 showcased their entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to building ventures together.

Fashionistas and Travel Enthusiasts: Beyond their professional collaborations, Benjamin and Chelsea are avid fashionistas and travel enthusiasts. Their Instagram accounts serve as visual diaries of their adventures, featuring matching outfits and snapshots from various destinations. Their shared love for fashion and exploration has endeared them to a wide audience.

Who is Benjamin Alves – Chelsea Robato’s Husband

Chelsea Robato's Husband

Benjamin Alves, originally known as Benjamin Sapida, was born on March 31, 1989. A Filipino actor and model, he is affiliated with GMA Network. Early in his career, he adopted the screen name Vince Saldaña and later transitioned to the name Benjamin Alves. His journey in the entertainment industry began in 2006 when he came to the Philippines to pursue a modeling career.

In 2008, using the screen name Vince Saldaña, he gained recognition as a finalist in ABS-CBN’s reality model-search competition, Close-Up to Fame. Benjamin then signed with VIVA and ventured into acting with his debut role in QTV’s teen series, Posh, in 2007. The same year marked his appearances in Viva Films productions such as Ang Cute ng Ina Mo and Apat Dapat, Dapat Apat. Notably, he took on roles in soap operas like Dalawang Tisoy on RPN 9, Ysabella on ABS-CBN, and Impostora on GMA Network. His presence expanded beyond television, as he also featured in various TV commercials and magazines.

In 2009, Alves temporarily left the entertainment scene to pursue further studies. However, he made a triumphant return and, in 2012, graduated Summa cum laude with a degree in English Literature from the University of Guam. Although he initially contemplated pursuing a master’s degree, Benjamin decided to continue his career in showbiz.

Alves had a notable romantic involvement with singer and actress Julie Anne San Jose from May 2016 to November 2018. San Jose confirmed their relationship on January 7, 2017, and publicly announced their breakup in January 2019.

On January 28, 2024, Benjamin Alves exchanged vows with content creator Chelsea Robato at Santuario de San Antonio Parish Church in Forbes Park, Makati. The groom looked dashing in a white tuxedo, while the bride donned an exquisite gown designed by the renowned Francis Libiran. The ceremony was attended by notable personalities like Yael Yuzon, serving as the groomsman, Jonas Gaffud as one of the principal sponsors, and other friends and family members. This event marked a significant chapter in Benjamin Alves’ life, combining love, family, and his continued journey in the entertainment industry.

Other Facts About Chelsea Robato

Chelsea Robato is not only an Instagram star but also a model and entrepreneur, known for her diverse ventures that have led to a massive following on the internet and a successful career. On her Instagram, she shares a variety of content, including fashion, travel, and lifestyle posts, captivating an audience of over 290,000 followers.

Born on July 14, 1989, in Guam, United States, Chelsea Robato has established herself as one of the most popular and affluent Instagram stars. Our analysis, coupled with information from Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, indicates that her net worth is an impressive $5 million.

Chelsea’s journey in the spotlight includes participating in The Miss Universe Guam pageant in 2008 and emerging as one of the inaugural season winners on the Filipino-based television show Mega Fashion Crew in 2011. Her success is not only confined to the digital realm but extends to the realm of beauty pageants and reality television.

Recently, Chelsea Robato celebrated her marriage to her longtime boyfriend, Benjamin Alves, in a ceremony held at the Santuario de San Antonio Parish in Makati City on January 28, 2024. The couple, both immersed in the world of art, showcased their style with Chelsea donning a beautifully crafted gown by Francis Libiran, and Benjamin in a sharp white tuxedo. Notable personalities like GMA Senior Vice President Atty. Annette Gozon-Valdes and Jonas Gaffud played crucial roles as principal sponsors, while Yael Yuzon of Spongecola served as one of the groomsmen.

Beyond their personal lives, Benjamin and Chelsea are not just a couple but also business partners. In 2020, they launched their joint venture, an online flower business named House of Roses, specializing in Ecuadorian Roses. This power couple, with their joint YouTube channel “Love, Ben and Chelsea,” provides a glimpse into their engagement journey and showcases their shared passion for fashion. As they continue to travel to various destinations, both local and international, and curate content for their social media platforms, Benjamin, an actor, and Chelsea, a content creator and model, embody a harmonious blend of love, art, and entrepreneurship.

Chelsea Robato’s biography is a tapestry woven with threads of success in modeling, entrepreneurship, and digital stardom. Her journey from beauty pageants to becoming an Instagram sensation reflects a woman who defies traditional boundaries and embraces the evolving landscape of media and entertainment. The partnership with Benjamin Alves not only adds a romantic dimension but also exemplifies a harmonious collaboration in both personal and professional spheres, creating a narrative that resonates with fans and admirers alike.

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