Download Shallipopi Things on Things and Oscroh (Pepperline) Mp3

Download Shallipopi Things on Things and Oscroh (Pepperline) Mp3

Shallipopi Things on Things and Oscroh (Pepperline) Mp3 Download

Nigerian singer-songwriter Shallipopi, known for his unique style, has made a return to the music scene with not one but two exciting new songs. These tracks are called “Things on Things” and “Oscroh (Pepperline),” and they showcase Shallipopi’s impressive musical talent, capturing the essence of modern Nigerian music.

Often called the “Pluto Presido,” Shallipopi demonstrates his exceptional artistry in the music industry with these latest releases. In “Things on Things,” he’s in a confident and self-assured mood, praising himself without reservation. Lyrics like “When I fall in, squad dey co-ordinate” establish Shallipopi as a significant presence in the music scene. To complement this, there’s an engaging music video directed by George Guise that adds a visual dimension to the song’s story, enhancing the overall experience for the audience.

Shallipopi – Oscroh (Pepperline) Official Audio Mp3 Download

In the same way, “Oscroh (Pepperline)” carries on in the same vein as “Things on Things,” where Shallipopi keeps celebrating himself in a big way. This song explores the story of a lavish and extravagant life, giving us a peek into the singer’s own experiences and lifestyle. It’s a window into the world of opulence and achievement that Shallipopi has built for himself through his unwavering determination.

Shallipopi – Things on Things Official Mp3 Download

Both of these outstanding songs were made with the help of the skilled music producer, Busy Pluto. His part in producing these tracks is crucial because he’s responsible for creating the catchy rhythms and musical backgrounds that go along with Shallipopi’s singing. When you put Shallipopi’s lyrical skills together with Busy Pluto’s production know-how, it results in a musical blend that has the potential to make a big impact in the music industry.

Click here to Listen to Things on Things and Oscroh (Pepperline) 

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