DSL stands for digital subscriber line and is a broadband way to connect to the internet that is up to three times faster than a dial-up connection to the internet through a modem. At one time, the only way you could connect to the internet was through an external modem that connected to your phone line. Then computer manufacturers began making the modems internal inside the CPU. Technology has advanced, and now DSL is one of the preferred ways to connect to the internet at high speeds and with more reliability.

DSL internet does require a telephone line to help connect you to the internet. It is the second most popular way to connect to the internet behind cable and the numbers are growing steadily. You must have a phone line in order to get DSL service, but you do not necessarily need a second phone line, you can use your regular home phone line. You will also need a DSL modem and an Ethernet card which come with many new computers these days anyway.

Now some people think that DSL internet is just blazing fast. While it is faster than dial-up service, it will not be “change your life” fast. What it will do is load pages and allow you to surf the internet three to five times faster than dial-up. The real difference shows up when you are trying to download files such as movie files and music downloads. Instead of taking hours, with DSL, it will take just minutes.

In order to get DSL internet service, you must be located within a certain distance of a telephone company’s central office. Usually that means three to five miles. The phone company must also be set up with the capability to provide digital internet service. While technology is evolving every day allowing DSL to reach further and further from the phone company’s office, it still requires that your location be conducive to the distance requirements in order to receive reliable service.

There are two types of DSL service – symmetrical and asymmetrical. Asymmetrical DSL is mostly used by individuals. What this type of service does means that the speed with which your computer sends data and receives data is different. Symmetrical DSL service is mostly used by large companies and sends data both ways at the same speed. Symmetrical DSL is much more reliable than asymmetrical, but it is also much more expensive.

If you are looking for high speed internet service, DSL is definitely one of the better options you can choose. It is generally quite reasonably priced, and it can make a real difference in the way you surf the internet and get your information.

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