Not Satire: There’s a Missing Emotional Support Alligator

Wallygator, also known as Wally, an emotional support alligator, was reportedly kidnapped 11 days ago. The gator’s owner, a Pennsylvania man who calls himself the reptile’s “dad,” Joie Henney, is pleading for the animal’s safe return. 


Henney has taken to TikTok to seek the public’s assistance in bringing the cold-blooded Wally back home. In a tearful plea, Henney offered a reward with “no questions asked”:

Between 4:30 a.m. and 7 a.m. someone came in and stole Wally. He is missing, he was taken out the enclosure while we were visiting friends in Georgia. We need all the help we can get to bring my baby back. Please, we need your help.


Wally is missing.

♬ original sound – Wally

On Sunday, Henney made a Facebook post that outlines his theories about what happened to Wally, implying he was taken, and placed in someone’s yard with the intent to harass them. Wally’s presence was reported to the Department of Natural Resources, which contacted a trapper. The trapper is said to have released Wally into a swamp. 

Henney wrote:

Okay everyone I am going to lay things out to the best of my ability. Wally was stolen by some jerk who likes to drop alligators off into someone’s yard to terrorize them. 

Once discovered they called DNR, DNR then called a trapper. The trapper came and got Wally and dropped him off in a swamp with about 20 other alligators that same day.  The swamp is very large and the trapper said the chances of them finding Wally is slim to none.  

But this is Wally…..Joie and friends are currently headed to the swamp to search and will continue daily. We just pray with other alligators present that Wally is ok. 

We are not releasing the location at this time, however if anyone wants to aide in the search please contact Joie directly for more details.  Please continue to pray because we need a miracle.  Thank you all for your love and support.


The social media posts were made from accounts dedicated to Wally’s adventures, documenting his visits to nursing homes and baseball games. The four-foot long alligator’s TikTok account has over 140,000 followers, and he was once a frontrunner to be named America’s Favorite Pet. He is also rumored to be the visual model for the alligator in Disney+’s “Loki.” 

Henney rescued Wally in September of 2015, according to the York Daily Record, after a congregation of alligators was facing eradication to make way for a condominium development in Florida. 

The Americans with Disabilities Act specifies that only dogs and, in rare cases, miniature horses are eligible to be registered as service animals. Under federal law, Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) do not receive the same special privileges as service animals. However, the requirements for ESAs are relaxed, allowing Henney to register Wally online, essentially permitting him to take the gator wherever he goes. 

Henney has launched an online fundraiser, which has collected thousands of dollars in donations so far, to aid with related travel costs, advising, and potential legal and veterinary costs incurred in the effort to recover the missing emotional support alligator. 


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