WATCH: Apocalyptic Scenes As Police Breach Terror Encampment at UCLA, Hamas Supporters Quickly Find Out

As RedState reported earlier on Thursday, police are conducting an ongoing (as of this writing) raid of the pro-Hamas encampment at UCLA. Initial reports indicated heavy resistance, with officers having to retreat and regroup. 


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One video showed the illegal trespassers lined up on the perimeter shouting “We’re not scared.” They would be eating those words soon enough. 

About an hour after the confrontation above, police breached one side of the encampment. Shortly after, the main “gate” was also torn down, signaling a full-scale collapse of the trespassers’ make-shift defenses. The day prior, the terrorist encampment had gathered helmets, gas masks, and plywood in an attempt to prepare. Those preparations didn’t offer much resistance when push came to shove. 

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Apocalyptic scenes unfolded as police marched through the encampment, making arrests and clearing debris. 


Royce Hall, one of the buildings the Hamas supporters had seized, was also liberated during the raid. It’s unclear how many arrests were made in the process. Police initially used a loudspeaker to warn people to disperse and leave the area, giving some of them ample opportunity to escape the consequences of their participation in the encampment. Clashes are still ongoing within the center of the yard. 


As I and others have pointed out several times, none of this ends until charges are brought and jail time is given. If this raid only succeeds in clearing the encampment, it will be reconstituted in short order. There must be heavy legal repercussions to serve as a deterrent going forward. Expulsions of students who participated are also in order. 

Will any of that happen? Only time will tell, but given the political dynamics at play in Los Angeles, it’s hard to believe the hammer will be dropped.

This is a developing story.

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