May 23, 2024
DreamWorks Internship Review

Have you ever been in awe of the flawless animation and alluring plots found in DreamWorks’ animated movies? Do you want to be a part of the magic that happens behind the scenes and help bring characters to life on the big screen? A DreamWorks internship might be your ticket to launch a career in the fascinating field of animation and film production if you find yourself nodding in excitement.

In more than 200 reviews, intern professionals at DreamWorks Animation gave their company a rating of 5 out of 5 stars. The aggregate rating of DreamWorks Animation staff is 4.3 out of 5 stars, which is better than the average score.

What is DreamWorks?

Let’s take a time to learn more about DreamWorks before we explore the benefits of an internship there. DreamWorks Animation was established in 1994 by media moguls Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and David Geffen. Since then, it has developed into a top company famous for creating heartwarming animated movies that have won several awards. DreamWorks characters, such the lovable ogre Shrek, the adventurous dragon trainer Hiccup, and the brave spirit of Fiona in “Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron,” have carved themselves into the fabric of popular culture and became beloved icons by¬†generations.

The Power of Internships: Opening Doors to Success

Internships are now much more than just ways to improve your CV; they are priceless chances for aspiring professionals to obtain practical experience in their careers. Internships at DreamWorks provide a special combination of developing skill and encouraging innovation, serving as a launching pad for a lucrative future in animation.

A DreamWorks internship is a comprehensive experience that goes beyond technical animation training. Being a member of a creative family that values cooperation, invention, and storytelling is important. Each intern develops into an essential member of the team, bringing thoughts and viewpoints that influence the studio’s work. It’s an opportunity to learn from professionals in the field who have made some of the most cherished animated movies ever.

Unveiling the DreamWorks Internship Program

DreamWorks internship program is intended to appeal to college students and recent graduates who have a deep interest for animation, visual effects, narrative, and other creative professions. Participants in the program gain an intimate look at the animation industry and the operations of a recognized studio over the course of a few months, on average.

Interns are assigned to specific departments after being accepted into the DreamWorks internship program depending on their interests and skill sets. These divisions may encompass production, visual effects, storyboarding, animation, and more. Each intern is paired with a mentor who helps them along the way, offers constructive feedback, and encourages them to develop as artists and professionals.

The Benefits of Being a DreamWorks Intern

Meaningful Learning Experiences

You will start on a life-changing adventure of learning and personal development as a DreamWorks intern. You may pick up tips from the top professionals in the field and share your own original ideas thanks to the studio’s encouraging environment. You will gain knowledge of the full animation production process, from conceptualization to post-production, and get to see how intriguing tales are brought to life on the big screen. Workshops, seminars, and creative sessions will be a regular part of your internship, encouraging you to push the limits of your creativity.

Collaboration at Its Finest

DreamWorks thrives on cooperation, and as an intern, you’ll play a crucial role in that process. You will be challenged and inspired by working with varied teams, which will result in creative solutions and lasting works of art. Your input will be recognized and heard whether you’re coming up with story ideas, working on character designs, or perfecting visual effects. Your interaction with artists and experts from other fields is encouraged by the studio’s open-door policy, which fosters a culture of respect and creativity.

Mentorship and Guidance

DreamWorks is aware of the importance of mentoring in developing young talent. As an intern, you will have the chance to learn from experienced professionals who are eager to share their knowledge and see you develop into a creative force. You will have the chance to learn from these experts throughout the course of your career, which will help to shape both your creative skills and your understanding of the animation industry as a whole.

Networking Opportunities

Connections are essential in the animation industry, and a DreamWorks internship gives you the chance to build strong relationships. Interact with experienced animators, directors, and producers as well as other interns. These contacts may play a key role in opening doors for upcoming employment opportunities. The studio also provides networking opportunities and guest speaker events where you may hear from experts in the field of animation and gain knowledge about the larger entertainment industry.

Exposure to Groundbreaking Projects

Imagine becoming a part of the next animated masterpiece that wins millions of fans worldwide. You will be exposed to innovative projects that push the frontiers of animation as a DreamWorks intern. No matter how big or little, your efforts will help to shape the final result. Your trip will be even more satisfying if the products you work on during your internship end up being a commercial successes or receiving positive reviews.

How to Secure a DreamWorks Internship

Crafting an Impressive Portfolio

It’s important to have a strong portfolio that demonstrates your artistic talent and passion for animation. Let your originality shine and highlight your greatest work. Make sure your portfolio accurately represents your distinct style and potential, whether it’s through character designs, storyboards, or 3D animations. Consider submitting your own animation-related projects to show off your storytelling and emotional-capture skills.

Research and Preparation

Immerse yourself in the films and culture of DreamWorks. Knowing their principles and goals can help you show sincere interest in them in interviews. Learn about the professionals who worked on the studio’s most recent projects and become familiar with them. Knowing about the values and work of DreamWorks will show that you are not just an excellent artist but also a passionate devotee.


In the animation industry, networking is important. To network and meet professionals, go to industry gatherings, animation festivals, and seminars. Talk to others, ask for advice, and express your love of animation. Developing connections with other animators and business leaders might result in helpful suggestions or confidential knowledge about open internships.

Tailored Resumes and Cover Letters

Make your CV and cover letter specific to the needs and values of DreamWorks. Show to them your qualifications for their internship program. Emphasize certain accomplishments or skills that set you apart from the competition. Be sure to convey your love of animation and your desire to add to DreamWorks’ history of storytelling.

Prepare for Interviews

You will be given an interview invitation if the DreamWorks team is impressed with your application. Prepare to talk about your work history, sources of inspiration, and passion for animation. Display your energy, versatility, and desire to learn. Show that you can cooperate with others, accept objections, and modify your behavior to fit the studio’s creative process.


For those prepared to take the chance, a DreamWorks internship is more than just a fancy dream; it’s an actual possibility. It is a life-changing experience that will provide you the skills, information, and contacts you need to carve out a prosperous career in the exciting field of animation. Every intern contributes to the legacy that has made millions of people happy all around the world. You may make your dream into a lifelong adventure of creative greatness if you have the tenacity and drive to pursue it.

The DreamWorks internship is an invitation to let your creativity run wild, discover your artistic potential, and take part in telling tales that go beyond national boundaries and cultural barriers. The studio’s commitment to encouraging imagination and storytelling is evidence of its desire to provide entertainment that appeals to viewers of all ages. Take advantage of this chance, and who knows? You may be the next creative artist to have a lasting impact on the animation industry.


Is previous animation experience necessary for a DreamWorks internship?

While having previous experience might be helpful, a genuine love for animation and a good portfolio can be very convincing. DreamWorks places the same value on potential, commitment, and experience. Your capacity for learning and development is just as important as your previous work.

What departments can I intern in at DreamWorks?

Internships are available at DreamWorks in several departments, including animation, storyboarding, visual effects, production, technology, and others. Examine your passions to locate the ideal fit for your skills. Keep in mind that each department makes a distinct contribution to the making of animated movies.

Can international students apply for DreamWorks internships

Yes, DreamWorks welcomes applications from brilliant people anywhere. The animation company celebrates diversity and is open to prospective animators from various cultural traditions. Interns from other countries provide new insights that improve the environment for creativity.

Do DreamWorks interns get paid?

Yes, DreamWorks interns are paid, enabling you concentrate on your development and creativity without having to worry about money. The fact that you will be paid for your work as an intern shows how seriously the studio takes developing you.

What are the chances of being hired by DreamWorks after the internship?

There are no guarantees, but DreamWorks has frequently extended offers of permanent employment to interns depending on their performance and cultural fit. Successful internships frequently pave the way for rewarding employment opportunities inside the studio or throughout the whole animation industry. DreamWorks values the talent it develops and is constantly looking to add excellent artists to its team. So take advantage of this chance to stand out and have an influence.

Are DreamWorks internships good?

Yes, the work environment at DreamWorks is excellent. In addition to being at the very forefront of animation technology and animated film production, it also boasts a very open and welcoming atmosphere. You have the chance to learn a lot more as an intern than only about the department in which you work.

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