He won the Norwegians over with borscht: the story of Fox, chef turned soldier – video

Oleh, who goes by the alias Fox, has been defending Ukraine as a soldier for almost eight years.

The Ground Forces of Ukraine said that he used to be a professional chef before joining the 61st Separate Mechanised Steppe Brigade.

Source: The Ground Forces of Ukraine

But even at war, Oleh makes his brothers-in-arms happy with his cooking whenever he can.

“He used to cook for celebrities. Now he cooks for his family, and his squadmates who stay by his side through thick and thin,” said a member of the brigade.

To cook a delicious meal that will fill the entire dugout with a wonderful smell, all Oleh needs is a cylinder of gas and a cauldron.

His brothers-in-arms say that Oleh’s dishes are as tasty as real home cooking. In civilian life, he has even managed to win over the Norwegians with his Ukrainian borscht.

“I went to study in Norway and treated the Norwegians to Ukrainian borscht. It was the first time I saw people walk away with the borscht and eat it on the go. But then they stopped, turned around and told me they wanted more,” says Oleh.

In 2013, during peacetime, Fox decided to enlist in the Armed Forces, serving until 2018 when he resigned.

He then took a job at a pizzeria in Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi, where even Ukrainian celebrities would occasionally dine. At the beginning of the full-scale invasion, he returned to the Armed Forces.

He said himself that he had become accustomed to the army after almost eight years of service. He started as a rifleman before being promoted to sergeant major and then squad commander.

“I’ve been in the army for a long, long time; it’s basically my career now,” Fox said.


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