May 23, 2024
Is IRCC Number Same As Application Number
Is IRCC Number Same As Application Number

Is IRCC Number Same As Application Number?

When you start the process of applying for immigration to Canada, you’ll encounter several words and acronyms that may first seem confusing. The IRCC number and the application number are two words that frequently lead to misunderstanding. Are they different terms¬†utilized in the immigration procedure, or are they one and the same? Keep reading as we analyze them in this article.

Understanding IRCC Number and Application Number

What is the IRCC Number?

The IRCC number, or Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) number, functions as a vital identifier assigned to individuals who engage with the Canadian immigration system. It essentially acts as a reference number, a digital footprint, that allows immigration authorities to carefully track your interactions and correspond with you throughout your immigration journey.

The IRCC number is akin to your unique identity within the immigration ecosystem, ensuring that your records and correspondence are accurately managed and attributed to you. It’s essentially the key to accessing the status and updates of your immigration-related activities.

What is the Application Number?

Conversely, the application number serves a different but equally essential role in your immigration process. This specific identifier is not as generalized as the IRCC number. Instead, it is highly application-specific. Each time you submit an immigration application, be it for permanent residency, a work permit, or any other purpose, a distinct application number is assigned to that particular application.

The application number serves as an internal organizational tool for immigration authorities. It allows them to categorize, sort, and process the multitude of applications efficiently. This way, they can ensure that each application is meticulously reviewed and processed according to its unique merits.

Is IRCC Number Same As Application Number?

No. The IRCC number and the application number are not the same. Having dissected the fundamental nature of both the IRCC number and the application number, it becomes evidently clear that these two identifiers are not the same. They serve distinct functions within the realm of Canadian immigration:

  • The IRCC number is a broad and overarching identifier, tying together all your interactions with the immigration system.
  • The application number, on the other hand, is a granular identifier that pertains solely to a specific immigration application.

How is IRCC Number Different From Application Number?

  1. Purpose:
    • IRCC Number: Used for tracking all interactions and correspondence with IRCC.
    • Application Number: Specifically assigned to an individual immigration application.
  2. Uniqueness:
    • IRCC Number: Unique to each individual and remains constant over time.
    • Application Number: Unique to each application and changes with every new application.
  3. Use Cases:
    • IRCC Number: Used for general inquiries, permanent resident card renewals, citizenship applications, and more.
    • Application Number: Used to track the status and progress of a specific immigration application.
  4. Consistency:
    • IRCC Number: Remains the same regardless of the number of applications submitted.
    • Application Number: Changes with each new application submission.

Why is IRCC Number Different From Application Number?

Understanding the distinction between the IRCC number and the application number is of paramount importance for several reasons:

1. Tracking Progress

Your IRCC number is your window into the progress of your immigration journey. With this number, you can easily monitor the status of your application online, which is especially valuable during those periods of anticipation and uncertainty.

2. Correspondence

When immigration authorities correspond with you, they often reference your IRCC number. This reference ensures that the communication is directed to the correct applicant. It eliminates the possibility of mix-ups or miscommunications that could result from using generic information.

3. Multiple Applications

In cases where you or your family members have submitted multiple immigration applications, the use of distinct application numbers is indispensable. It guarantees that each application is treated as an independent entity, avoiding any undue amalgamation or confusion.

4. Avoiding Confusion

Employing the correct terminology and grasping the nuance between these two numbers is not only a matter of procedural correctness but also one of practicality. It prevents misunderstandings, facilitates clear communication, and ensures that you navigate the immigration process with confidence and clarity.

How to Find Your IRCC Number and Application Number

If you’re wondering how to find these numbers, here’s a brief guide on where to typically find them:

How to Find Your IRCC Number

Your IRCC number is often featured on official correspondence you receive from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada. Look for it at the top of the document, where it may be labeled as the “IRCC Client ID” or simply “Client ID.”

How to Find Your Application Number

Your application number is distinct for each application you submit. It can typically be found on official documents related to that particular application. These documents may include the Acknowledgment of Receipt (AOR) letter or the Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) document, depending on the nature of your application.


The IRCC number and the application number are not the same. The IRCC number is a general identification number associated with your interactions with the Canadian immigration system, while the application number is unique to each immigration application you submit. Understanding this distinction is essential for effective communication with immigration authorities and tracking your immigration journey accurately.

If you have further questions or concerns regarding your immigration process, it’s always a good idea to reach out to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada for clarification and guidance. Learn More

Related Questions

Can I use my IRCC number to track the status of my application?

Yes, you can use your IRCC number to track the status of your immigration application online through the official IRCC website.

What if I can’t find my IRCC number or application number?

If you have misplaced your IRCC number or application number, you should contact IRCC directly for assistance. They will be able to help you retrieve the necessary information.

Is the application number the same for all family members on a single application?

No, each family member included in an immigration application will have a distinct application number. This allows immigration authorities to process each individual’s application separately.

Can I change my application number or IRCC number?

No, these numbers are assigned by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada and cannot be changed or altered by applicants.

Are there any fees associated with obtaining an IRCC number or application number?

No, these numbers are typically provided by IRCC as part of the application process, and there are no additional fees associated with them.

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