May 26, 2024
TB Joshua Biography
TB Joshua Biography

TB Joshua Biography

Temitope Balogun Joshua, widely known as TB Joshua, was born on June 12, 1963, in Ondo State, Nigeria. His life’s narrative carried mystical elements as followers believed his birth aligned with a prophecy foretelling the arrival of a divine figure from the impoverished neighborhoods of Oosin in Arigidi Akoko. Joshua’s early life was marked by miraculous incidents, including narrowly escaping death after a quarry explosion showered rocks through the roof of his house just seven days post his birth.

His educational journey saw him attend St. Stephen’s Anglican Primary School in Arigidi Akoko but did not complete a full year of secondary school education. Despite this, he earned the nickname “small pastor” in school due to his deep affection for the Bible.

Joshua engaged in various casual jobs after his schooling, working at a poultry farm and organizing Bible studies for local children. His aspirations to join the Nigerian military were thwarted by a train breakdown, which left him stranded en route to the military academy.

He passed away on June 5, 2021, at his home in Lagos, following his Saturday night teaching, the cause undisclosed.

TB Joshua BBC Documentary

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) initiated a three-part investigative documentary series exposing alleged atrocities and sèxual crimes attributed to the late TB Joshua. The investigation, based on interviews with 30 former members and workers of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), detailed instances of abuse, harassment, rape, manipulation, and staged miracles within the church.

TB Joshua Biography

The documentary unraveled cover-ups by SCOAN regarding the collapse of one of its guesthouses in 2014, revealing a structural defect despite the narrative perpetuated by the church suggesting an aircraft caused the collapse. Allegations arose that TB Joshua compensated victims’ families with cash, seemingly to silence them.

It exposed a disturbing pattern of sèxual exploitation, where women who joined the church as teenagers endured years of abuse, including molestation, ràpe, and coerced abortions at a squalid clinic within the synagogue. Survivors recounted being manipulated and silenced, with TB Joshua justifying his assaults as acts for their salvation. The documentary detailed instances where individuals were targeted, beaten, and shot at by individuals associated with the pastor.

Additionally, the investigation disclosed how the church orchestrated, managed, and exaggerated miracles showcased on television, amplifying individuals’ problems for healing and fabricating their healing experiences.

T.B. Joshua’s personal life was marred by these controversies and allegations of sexual exploitation, manipulation, and staged miracles within the church. His daughter born out of wedlock, Ajoke, confronted him about sexual abuse allegations and was subsequently expelled from the church. Former members also recounted incidents of humiliation and strict controls within the church compound, highlighting the psychological impact on those associated with SCOAN.

Joshua faced criticisms and controversy even beyond his passing, including YouTube suspending his channel, Emmanuel TV, due to controversial remarks about homosexuality.

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