Zelenskyy becomes ‘wild card to watch’ amid escalating increase of aggressive attacks inside Russia

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy takes significant risks to shift the course of war and maintain his political position, emerging as an unpredictable player to watch, the Time wrote on Jan. 29.

As Russian dictator Vladimir Putin shifts Russia’s economy onto a war footing, Ukraine knows it must mobilize and train hundreds of thousands of new recruits.

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Kyiv is doing its best to scale up its domestic defense production, especially of drones for the battlefield and for hitting targets inside Russia. That’s where the danger grows for those not directly involved in the war.

This translates to an increased probability of targeted assassinations of Russian officials linked to the war and frequent drone and missile strikes in occupied Crimea, as well as on Russian military and economic infrastructure. This may extend to include oil and grain facilities on the Black Sea, potentially causing disruptions in global markets once again.

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Anticipated new attacks on the Kerch Strait bridge, connecting Crimea to the Russian mainland, are likely.

Consequently, this could trigger more intense Russian assaults on Ukrainian cities.

“The attacks are more a sign of Ukraine’s fears than of its strength,” says the Time.

“After hundreds of thousands of casualties and the displacement of millions of people, President Volodymyr Zelensky and his generals have new reasons to doubt the staying power of the Western support on which a Ukrainian victory, in any form, will depend.”

An overnight attack on an oil terminal in Ust-Luga, Leningrad Oblast, Russia was a special operation carried out by Ukraine’s SBU security service, insider sources revealed to NV on Jan. 21.

The strategic terminal, which is responsible for processing fuel for the Russian military, has now become a hot target, further disrupting Russian logistics.

The precision strikes by SBU drones ignited a huge blaze that continued to rage into the morning of Jan. 21, forcing Russian authorities to evacuate personnel from the facility.

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NV’s source emphasized the significance of the Ust-Luga Oil Terminal in Leningrad Oblast for the Russians.

“Fuel is processed there, which, in particular, is supplied to Russian troops,” the source said.

“A successful attack on such a terminal not only inflicts economic losses on the enemy, depriving the occupiers of the opportunity to earn money for waging war in Ukraine, but also significantly complicates the logistics of fuel for the Russian military.”

Any of these attacks, with numerous potential targets, poses the risk of retaliation from Putin, potentially drawing NATO more directly into the conflict. Neither Russia nor NATO desires such expansion, but wars often develop their own dynamics, especially when a key player, in this case, Zelenskyy, becomes an unpredictable factor to observe.

Later it became known that the attack was a special operation of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Defense Ministry. One of the drones flew over the estates of Russian oligarchs and the palace of dictator Vladimir Putin.

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