Key corruption index sees Ukraine improve, Russia worsen in 2023

Transparency International’s 2023 corruption perception index saw Russia drop to its worst score in years, while Ukraine’s score has improved, continuing the decade-old trend.

After the EuroMaidan Revolution ousted pro-Kremlin President Viktor Yanukovych in 2014, Ukraine launched extensive but challenging anti-corruption efforts.

According to the recently published index that includes 180 countries, Ukraine went from the 144th least corrupt country in 2013 to 104th last year. It has also improved its score from 25 points to 36 over this period, with the higher number signifying less corruption.

In 2022, Ukraine was at the 116th place with a score of 33.

In comparison, Russia’s ranking went from the 127th least corrupt country in 2013 to 141st 10 years later, while its score dropped from 28 to 26. In 2022, Russia ranked 137th with a score of 28.

Tackling corruption is one of the main conditions for Ukraine’s integration into Western political structures, namely the EU. Among the reforms recommended by Brussels in 2022 were changes to Ukraine’s anti-corruption bodies, judiciary reforms, legislation against money laundering, and more.

In its November 2023 assessment, the European Commission said that Kyiv fulfilled 90% of the reforms recommended by Brussels.

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