Ukraine demonstrates one of best increases globally in 2023 Corruption Perceptions Index

Ukraine has improved its score in the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) for 2023, earning 36 points out of 100, the UK’s leading independent anti-corruption organization, Transparency International (TI), said in its report.

With a score increase of three points, one of the best results worldwide over the past year, Ukraine now ranks 104th out of 180 countries.

Since the Revolution of Dignity, Ukraine has gained 11 points in the CPI over 10 years, the highest increase among current EU candidates. But Kyiv still lags behind EU member states.

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Transparency International Ukraine

Ukraine and Moldova (42 points, 76th place) are the top performers among EU candidates, with both countries gaining 3 points in 2023.

North Macedonia gained 2 points (42 points, 76th place), while Montenegro (46 points, 63rd place), Albania (37 points, 98th place) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (35 points, 108th place) each gained 1 point. Serbia’s score has not changed since last year (36 points, 104th place). On the contrary, Georgia lost 3 points (53 points, 49th place). Turkey tops the list of the lowest-scoring candidates with an even lower score of 2 points (34 points, 115th place).

Ukraine was ranked 116th in 2022, earning 33 points out of 100, up from 122nd in 2021, 117th in 2020, and 126th in 2019, according to TI.

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Previously, the European Council’s Group of States against Corruption (GRECO) removed Ukraine from the blacklist of states that prevent combating corruption, as a result of structural changes.

In its report on Ukraine’s corruption prevention measures with respect to members of parliament, judges, and prosecutors, which was released on Mar. 24, 2023, GRECO said that Ukraine had made some improvements and implemented 15 out of 31 recommendations.

Transparency International is an anti-corruption organization that takes a holistic approach to developing and implementing changes to reduce corruption. It was founded in Berlin in 1993 by former World Bank Director Peter Eigen. It has a presence in more than 110 countries.

Transparency International Ukraine is an accredited chapter of the global Transparency International movement.

The key indicator of the index is the number of points, not the place in the ranking. The lowest score (0 points) means that corruption is actually replacing the state, while the highest score (100 points) indicates that corruption is almost absent in society. The Index measures corruption only in the public sector.

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