Kikelomo Atanda-Owo Biography: 10 Unknown Facts About Kikelomo Atanda Owo

Kikelomo Atanda Owo Biography

Kikelomo Atanda Owo Biography

Kikelomo Atanda Owo, fondly called Kiki, is an expert in marketing communications. She has extensive experience in the fields of marketing, advertising, communications, public relations, and client account management.

In 2021, she authored her autobiography titled ‘Unbroken,’ where she shared her life experiences and the complexities of her marriage, which posed serious threats to her life.

Kiki embarked on her career over a decade ago at Silverbird and has since built an impressive track record while working at various organizations and across different sectors.

Her show, ‘Realtalkwithkike,’ has been a force for positive change in society and recently celebrated its second anniversary. As a woman, Kiki has faced her share of challenges, and her ability to overcome them serves as an inspiration to women everywhere.

In addition, she is the owner of Z-Edge Limited, a corporate consultancy business that offers services in procurement, event planning, corporate and management training, and targeted integrated marketing communications. As the organization’s creator and owner, Kike powers and supports CSR initiatives across the nation through the Kike Hub Foundation.

Facts About Kikelomo Atanda Owo

The managing director and CEO of Z-Edge Limited is Kikelomo Atanda-Owo. With a range of skills in public relations, marketing, advertising, communication, and client account management, she is an agile marketing communications executive.

She has expertise in budget management, negotiation, competitive analysis, strategy planning, and administration. She was previously the Vice President at Peculiar People’s Management (PPM), Ikoyi Lagos, for CRM and ACC.

Kikelomo is focused on achieving maximum return on investment through its many strategies, programs, initiatives, and exposure channels. a proactive, upbeat manager who is a mentor and an engaging leader.

It’s noteworthy to note that she is an enthusiastic researcher of new business chances, having earned an MBA from the University of South Wales, a bachelor’s degree in communication, and a master’s degree in social sciences, namely international relations, from Kingston University. In addition, Kikelomo co-hosts the well-liked morning TV program Your View.

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