May 23, 2024
Marie Wiseborn Biography
Marie Wiseborn Biography

Marie Wiseborn Biography

Marie Wiseborn was born on August 20, 199 into a Christian home, where the principles of love, service, and integrity were ingrained in her being. Growing up, she absorbed the essence of compassion, empathy, and community, shaping her character and influencing her future endeavors.

Marie Wiseborn, aged 24, marks her birthday on August 20, having been born in 1999 in Ghana. Later on, she relocated to England, United Kingdom, and has made it her home. Marie is of Ghanaian origin and spent her formative years growing up in England.

Her family background is deeply rooted in Ghana, as she is the daughter of Mr. Wiseborn and Mrs. Wiseborn, both of Ghanaian descent. Her parents serve as pastors, instilling values and beliefs that have shaped Marie’s upbringing. Raised alongside her siblings, she has a close-knit family that has been an essential part of her life’s journey.

Marie Wiseborn

Marie Wiseborn, a 24-year-old barrister hailing from Ghana, seamlessly blends her legal acumen with a deep commitment to community service, rooted in her profound faith. Born on August 20, 1999, Marie’s narrative unfolds within the context of being the daughter of a pastor in The Church of Pentecost UK.

Known for her virtuous character, innate beauty, and humility, Marie also assumes the role of Vice President of The BLISS NATION, a testament to her dedication to uplifting others within her community.

In her professional journey within the legal realm, Marie has accumulated noteworthy experiences. Undergoing professional training at Birds Solicitors, she specialized in sports law and criminal law. Her contributions to analytical documents and participation in trials underscore her dedication to legal excellence.

Her time as a mini pupil at Pallant Chambers further broadened her expertise, focusing on Child Law and solidifying her commitment to ensuring justice.

Beyond her professional accolades, Marie Wiseborn holds a distinct position as the only daughter of the District Minister of The Church of Pentecost UK – Birmingham District.

Her life story stands as a compelling testament to the harmonious integration of faith, education, and service. Marie Wiseborn’s exceptional journey unfolds from her godly upbringing to emerging as a distinguished barrister in England and Wales.

Marie Wiseborn Education

Marie Wiseborn’s educational journey has been marked by distinction. She graduated from Archbishop Tenison’s CodE High School and Wallington County Grammar School, where she not only excelled academically but actively participated in sports and various societies. During her A Levels, Marie showcased her versatility by being a valuable member of the Women’s rugby team and simultaneously serving as the President of the Christian Society. This dual commitment exemplifies her dedication to both academic pursuits and spiritual values.

Continuing her academic pursuits, Marie pursued a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from the School of Law, University of Surrey, from 2018 to 2022. Following this, she furthered her legal education by undertaking Bar Vocational Studies at the City, University of London, successfully completing the program in April 2023.

Marie’s academic dedication reached its pinnacle when she was called to the Bar in England and Wales. This significant achievement underscores her unwavering commitment to justice and legal excellence. Her educational journey reflects not only her intellectual prowess but also her holistic approach to personal and academic growth.

Marie’s journey through law school was a blend of rigorous academics and exploration of legal principles and ethics. Beyond intellectual challenges, her dedication reflected a calling to be a voice for the voiceless and a champion for justice. Her legal career showcased her knowledge, passion, and commitment to significantly improving lives through the power of justice.

Marie Wiseborn Career

As a lawyer, Marie Wiseborn distinguished herself as a knowledgeable, passionate, and dedicated professional. Guided by fairness and a desire for positive impact, her legal work demonstrated both intellectual acumen and a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of justice.

Apart from her legal prowess, Marie is recognized for her exceptional singing talent. Her music, intertwined with her faith, serves as a source of inspiration and comfort. Through her melodies, she shares her journey and spreads hope and encouragement.

Marie’s role as a preacher of the gospel is a deeply personal aspect of her career. Rooted in her Christian faith, her sermons and teachings convey sincerity and a profound connection with her audience. She uses her platform to share beliefs and offer spiritual guidance, touching lives with her heartfelt messages.

Marie Wiseborn Relationship With Moses Bliss

Marie Wiseborn Engagement to Moses Bliss

Marie Wiseborn Biography

Celebrated Nigerian gospel singer, Moses Bliss, has entered a new and joyous chapter of his life as he recently proposed to his girlfriend in the beautiful city of London, United Kingdom.

The delightful announcement was shared on Moses Bliss’s official Instagram page, accompanied by heartwarming photos capturing the essence of this precious moment. The images depict the singer holding hands with his soon-to-be wife, proudly displaying an exquisite diamond engagement ring.

Overflowing with gratitude, Moses Bliss expressed his deep belief that the Lord makes all things beautiful in His time. He celebrated the affirmation of love with a heartfelt message stating, “She said yes.”

To provide fans with an intimate look into this joyous occasion, Moses Bliss shared an engagement video on his YouTube page. In the video, he passionately described his bride-to-be as his dream come true. He expressed profound gratitude for having found a life partner who embodies God’s mercy and grace.

This heartwarming news has sparked an outpouring of congratulations from fans and colleagues alike, marking a momentous and joy-filled step in the gospel artist’s journey. The love and happiness radiating from Moses Bliss’s engagement further solidify his status not just as a talented musician but as someone who cherishes and celebrates the blessings of life.

Marie currently resides in London, a city known for its diversity and cultural richness. Embracing the city’s vibrant energy, she gains a global perspective that influences her work and broadens her impact. London’s dynamic atmosphere aligns seamlessly with Marie’s multifaceted personality and career.

Marie Wiseborn’s journey, encompassing law, music, and preaching, reflects a life driven by faith, justice, and a commitment to making a positive impact in the world. Her engagement to Moses Bliss adds a touch of romance to her already remarkable story.

Who is Moses Bliss?

Moses Bliss Uyoh Enang, widely known as Moses Bliss, was born on February 20, 1995, in Nigeria. He is a prominent figure in the world of gospel music, recognized as a singer, worship leader, and songwriter. Beyond his musical pursuits, he is also the visionary behind “Spotlite Nation,” a notable Nigerian record label.

His musical journey took a significant step in January 2017 when he released his debut single, “E No Dey Fall My Hand.” However, it was his hit track, “Too Faithful,” launched in June 2019, that catapulted him to widespread recognition. In acknowledgment of his talent, he received the Loveworld International Music and Arts Award (LIMA 2020) from Chris Oyakhilome in 2020, specifically for his soul-stirring song, “You I Live for.”

Moses Bliss’s affinity for music blossomed from an early age, starting when he was just five years old. He displayed a keen interest in learning and playing musical instruments, eventually finding a place in the choir at Believers’ Loveworld church.

Formally initiating his musical career in 2017 with “E No Dey Fall My Hand,” Moses Bliss continued to make waves with subsequent releases. In 2019, “Too Faithful” marked a significant milestone, and the momentum continued into 2020 with the release of “Bigger Everyday.” His debut album, “Too Faithful,” unveiled in May 2021, showcased a collection of 13 tracks, including notable pieces like “Taking Care,” “Perfection,” and “E No Dey Fall My Hand.” Building on this success, he dropped his sophomore album, “More Than Music (Transcendent Worship),” in February 2023, featuring another 13 tracks.

Recognizing his influence and talent, Moses Bliss signed with “Symphonic Distribution,” a music distribution company based in Florida, in October 2021. Demonstrating his commitment to nurturing talent, he launched his own record label, “Spotlite Nation,” in February 2023. Under this label, he signed four promising artists: Chizie, Festizie, Doris Joseph, and Grace Lokwa, further solidifying his role as a mentor and influential figure in the Nigerian music industry.

Love’s harmonious melody resonated through London on January 19, 2024, as Moses Bliss, the acclaimed Nigerian gospel singer and songwriter, poured out his heartfelt proposal to Marie Wiseborn, now his fiancée. Their enchanting love tale commenced in the digital realm, where they initially connected online.

From this serendipitous encounter, their relationship flourished, culminating in a captivating engagement ceremony accompanied by the melodious tunes of a live orchestra and cherished friends. Moses Bliss, renowned for his soul-stirring gospel tunes, took to his social media platforms and YouTube channel to share the heartwarming details of the surprise proposal.

Set amidst music and love, he performed a touching song for Marie before gently asking her to be his life partner.

Pelumi Olajengbesi, the legal representative of the celebrated gospel artist, shed light on how the love story unfolded.

Other Questions and Answer About Marie Wiseborn

How Old is Marie Wiseborn?

Marie Wiseborn is 24 years old.

Who is Marie Wiseborn?

Marie Wiseborn is a 24-year-old barrister who hails from Ghana and currently residing in England. Additionally, she is recognized as the daughter of the District Minister of The Church Of Pentecost UK – Birmingham District.

Where is Moses Bliss’s wife from?

Moses Bliss’s wife Marie Wiseborn is from Ghana but currently lives in London, England United Kingdom

Who is Moses Bliss’s Fiance?

Marie Wiseborn is the Fiance of Moses Bliss. She is an England-based barrister and daughter of the District Minister of The Church Of Pentecost UK – Birmingham District.

Who is Moses Bliss engaged to?

Moses Bliss is engaged to Marie Wiseborn.

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