May 23, 2024

Joe Biden appeared at the White House today to give unscheduled remarks on the ongoing pro-Hamas encampments occurring across the country. College campuses have been the scene of chaos and anarchy, with supporters of the terrorist group storming buildings while denying entry to Jewish students (and assaulting them in some cases).


Things finally boiled over at UCLA on Thursday morning after LAPD and CHP officers moved in to clear the encampment there. Numerous violent confrontations broke out, with the police succeeding in the end of clearing the area. The number of arrests made has not been announced yet. 

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Biden had not previously directly addressed the violence taking place, instead choosing to have his handlers put out statements. On Wednesday, Karine Jean-Pierre spun herself in circles trying to explain how the president is taking the situation seriously yet can’t be bothered to speak on the matter. 

Now, he has, and I’m not happy to report that his comments were disgusting, full of equivocation, and even included a mention of non-existent “Islamophobia.” 


Amidst the largest uptick in antisemitism in probably 75 years, Biden chose to bring up “Islamophobia” and “discrimination against Arab Americans or Palestinians,” putting those things on equal footing with the violent calls by those groups for a “global intifada” and a genocide against the Jews.

It’s cowardice personified. He just couldn’t bring himself to address the actual issue at hand. Instead, he tried to play both sides, something he and other Democrats lambasted Donald Trump for regarding Charlottesville (and Trump didn’t actually say what they accused him of). 

Here’s a question for the president. Has he seen any “anti-Palestinian” encampments? Has he seen any Jews storming and destroying historic buildings? Have Jewish students been fighting with police and throwing urine on them? Because I haven’t seen any of that. “Islamophobia,” to the extent it exists at all (and by the numbers, it barely registers), is irrelevant to what has been occurring on these college campuses.

Unfortunately, Biden fears losing the pro-Hamas vote in Michigan so much that he’s not willing to speak with moral clarity. He’s always been a coward, which was illustrated by how he exited the presser (which only lasted a couple of minutes).


The guy has been AWOL for days, and he can’t even stick around to answer a few serious questions before shuffling through the side door. Biden is not a president. He’s just an empty suit, and if there’s any justice, he’ll lose re-election because of it. 

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