May 23, 2024

Joe Biden has probably prompted more discussion about the 25th Amendment than anyone who has ever occupied the Oval Office with the various unhinged things he has done and said. 


Some have even termed having him in there and promoting him for president in 2024 as “elder abuse.” 

Yet there he (or one of the interns behind his account) was posting ridiculous, meaningless platitudes from his account about mental health that were supposed to sound caring and profound, but instead, seemed just like a sad commentary on his own issues. 

“It’s simple,” he tweeted, including a cursive, “Mental health is health.” 

Now you might expect such a tweet would spark quite a reaction, and you’d be right β€” it did. At last check, it had over 26 million views. And just like at the University of Alabama, where protesters and counter-protesters came together to chant “F Joe Biden” on Wednesday, no one on the left or the right liked what Joe had to say with this tweet. 

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There were those who called out the basic silliness of it all. 


Aren’t we so lucky that “Dr. Jill” is there to enlighten us all on our health, even as she continues to put her husband in this position?

There were those who asked if he was coming out officially in regard to all his problems.

Does he even know who he is? Sometimes, I’m not sure. 

The leftists were mad that he still hadn’t said anything about the police reaction to the radical campus protests, which, of course, they viewed as unjustified and another failure by Biden. 


Then, others just cut to the chase and told him to resign or get help. 

At least at this point, It doesn’t look like either Biden or the Democrats are going to have sense enough to put him to the side, so they’re actually trying to sell us this person for the election. 

But unfortunately for them, we aren’t buying what they are trying to selling.


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