Belgium, Ukraine sign memorandum to strengthen joint weapons production

Belgium and Ukraine signed a memorandum to develop bilateral relations, including the field of arms production, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s press service reported on Jan. 29.

The memorandum aims to implement joint projects toward Ukraine’s defense industry’s growth potential and production volume.

In particular, Ukraine and Belgium will cooperate to produce specific kinds of weapons, repair arms, and prepare specialists, including technical staff.

“It (the memorandum) is vital in regard to the development of the domestic defense-industrial complex, creating joint enterprises, and localization of military production in Ukraine. It is one of our priorities,” Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister Ivan Havryliuk said.

The memorandum also implies measures toward building up a modern defense industry in Ukraine.

“Ukraine is extremely interested in jointly creating enterprises that will operate according to international standards,” Havryliuk said.

“I am confident in further productive and mutually beneficial cooperation.”

The memorandum was signed after Belgium pledged to deliver 611 million euros ($661 million) in military aid to Ukraine in 2024. It is the most extensive package that Belgium has provided to Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale war.

Belgium will also send Ukraine several F-16 fighter jets, with the first ones expected to arrive in 2025.

In January, Belgium, as a part of the “fighter jet coalition,” announced the delivery of two F-16 fighter jets and 50 training personnel to Denmark to support the training of Ukrainian pilots.

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