Equipment at one of Ukrenergo’s substations damaged in Russian night attack

Overnight on January 29-30, Russia carried out a massive attack with Shahed loitering drones, causing damage to equipment at one of Ukrenergo’s substations in central Ukraine.

Source: Ukrenergo

The utility company notes that industrial customers continue to be supplied with power via backup infrastructure. Emergency repair work began immediately after the all-clear was given.

The company plans to replace damaged equipment as soon as possible with new equipment taken from their emergency stockpile.

The Ministry of Energy reported that a local company has been left without power and forced to pause production due to the damage suffered by the substation.

The power grid in Semenivka hromada [an administrative unit designating a village, several villages, or a town, and their adjacent territories] of the Chernihiv Oblast was also damaged, with more than 800 consumers in six localities losing power. As a result of the hostilities in Konstiantynivka, distribution equipment was cut off from its control centre, and a substation and several household consumers were disconnected.

A widespread energy shortage is not expected to occur. The electricity generated by all power plants is sufficient to provide energy supply to all business and household consumers.

In addition, one power station unit is expected to come back online after repairs are complete.

Ukrenergo adds that electricity is imported from Slovakia, Romania, and Moldova in the morning and evening. The total capacity is 4,743 megawatt-hours, with a maximum possible throughput of 830 megawatts in one hour. On the other hand, the utility was unable to export surplus power today.

Background: Previously, it was reported that one building of the thermal power station was undergoing emergency repair. One complex of three units is being kept on standby in case it is needed.

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