Cristale Biography: 10 Unknown Facts About Cristale (Rapper), Age, Early Life, Career, Songs And Net Worth

Cristale Biography

Cristale Biography

Cristale is a 21 years old British female rapper popularly known for her viral song BONG BING. Cristale was born in Brixton in 2002.

The 21 years old fast rising rapper was raised by an incredibly strong family unit to which all members supported her hard work and dedication to music. She emerged as a prodigious talent, harboring an unyielding passion for music and poetry from a tender age.

Cristale Early Life

Growing up in a tight-knit Caribbean household, Cristale was steeped in the rhythmic beats of dancehall maestros like Buju Banton and Tony Matterhorn, infusing her early years with a musicality that would later define her unique sound.

Yet, her musical palette expanded, drawing inspiration from a diverse range of artists spanning across grime, funky house, and hip-hop. Artists like Chip, Stormzy, Wretch 32, T2, and Sweet Female Attitude formed the mosaic of her musical influences.

Her journey into the rap scene commenced with an innate talent for wordsmithing, honed through a childhood entrenched in poetry and spoken word.

The budding rapper showcased her flair for rhymes at a remarkably young age, engaging in rap battles during her primary school days, often emerging victorious with verses she meticulously crafted with her uncle.

Her poetic prowess soared when she claimed victory in slam poetry competitions, emerging as a standout talent against competitors from various schools.

Cristale Career

Cristale’s trajectory was multifaceted; beyond her musical prowess, she displayed remarkable skill on the football field. Starting her journey in the sport at school, she swiftly gained recognition, eventually earning a spot to train with Crystal Palace FC’s U16s and U18s at just 14. This early exposure to both music and sports instilled in her a competitive spirit that fuels her artistry in the UK rap scene.

At 19, Cristale leaped into the rap arena, initially releasing freestyles that showcased her lyrical dexterity. Remixing tracks like Poundz’s ‘Opp Thot’, Pa Salieu’s ‘Frontline’, and Unknown T and Crazy Cousinz’s ‘Throwback’, she stamped her mark with sharp, attentive lyricism that effortlessly rode diverse beats. Her vocal style, defined by its sharpness and attentiveness, resonated with audiences and critics alike.

Honing her craft at Digital holdings studios in South London, a breeding ground for successful British rap artists, she emerged as one of the most promising talents in UK music. Her authenticity and magnetic presence echo the lyrical realism of legendary artists like Lauryn Hill, infusing her music with a captivating essence that draws audiences deeper into her narratives.

Amidst a treasure trove of unreleased music and imminent singles, Cristale’s latest release, “BOOTH (Part 2)”, a freestyle over Ruff Sqwad’s classic grime instrumental ‘Together’, stands as a testament to her unwavering resolve and musical prowess. With an unerring statement of intent, she showcases her readiness to take on any challenge the music industry presents.

Her ascent within the UK rap scene is not only a testament to her talent but also a reflection of her relentless dedication and versatility. As Cristale steps boldly into the limelight, she stands poised to redefine British rap, bringing a unique blend of authenticity, versatility, and unmatched lyrical finesse to the forefront of the global music landscape.

Cristale Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $100,000 – $200,000.

Cristale Songs

The following include some of cristale’s viral hit song

Bong Bing


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