Francis Anabor Biography: 10 Unknown Facts About Francis Anabor Godwin, Age, Edo Sate, Career, Personal Life And Net Worth

Francis Anabor Biography

Francis Anabor Biography

Francis Anabor Godwin is a once-prominent Nigerian billionaire businessman. He was born in Fugar, Edo State, to a humble family of farmers. His exact birth date remains unknown, but as of 2024, he is estimated to be between 50 to 60 years old. His upbringing was marked by financial struggles, and he received little formal education. To survive, he embarked on a journey that began with humble occupations as a bus conductor and later as a taxi driver.

His career changed as he delved into the automotive industry, initially as a car dealer. Through relentless dedication and shrewd business acumen, Godwin gradually expanded his enterprises, venturing into various sectors including oil and gas, hospitality, and aviation. His diligent efforts propelled him to the upper echelons of wealth in Nigeria, earning him immense respect and recognition. Unfortunately, he lost everything and is currently assumed to be broke.

Francis Anabor Career

His business prowess led to the ownership of a fleet of luxury cars, a private jet, and multiple properties both in Nigeria and abroad. Renowned for his opulent lifestyle, Godwin was a philanthropist of note, making significant contributions to society. He constructed schools, hospitals, churches, and roads in his hometown and across the nation. Moreover, he sponsored numerous students and supported various charitable causes, earning him accolades and titles in honor of his societal contributions.

Francis Anabor Personal Life

Francis Anabor Biography

Godwin’s personal life was initially defined by his marriage to Anthonia, a devoted and beautiful woman who bore him four children. However, his downfall commenced in 2008 when he divorced Anthonia, influenced by misguided advice from acquaintances who purported that she was the force behind his success. Despite his accusations of infidelity and witchcraft against her, Anthonia harbored forgiveness, continuously reaching out and urging him to return to both their family and faith.

Tragedy struck as Godwin’s subsequent actions—remarrying and moving to Germany with another woman—led to a spiraling decline. He estranged himself from his children, lost contact with his second wife, and found himself mired in legal issues, addiction, and poor decisions. Notably, Bishop Kayode Abiola Peller and Anthonia, among others, attempted to aid him, yet he rejected their assistance, ultimately succumbing to isolation, financial ruin, and failing health.

Francis Anabor Net Worth

From once being a billionaire with an extravagant lifestyle, owning significant assets and impacting society positively, Godwin’s current state starkly contrasts his former glory. Reports suggest his net worth has dwindled to less than $1 million. Living in a rented apartment in Lagos, he struggles to meet his financial needs, battling severe health conditions and devoid of companionship or support.

Francis Anabor Godwin’s life epitomizes a cautionary tale of how unchecked vices—pride, greed, addiction, and ill-advised decisions—can dismantle a thriving existence. His narrative underscores the importance of valuing family, friendships, and faith while serving as a stark reminder that grace can elevate or diminish one’s life journey based on choices made. Anthonia’s unwavering love and forgiveness stand testament to the resilience of the human spirit amidst betrayal and adversity.


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