May 23, 2024
Charles Odii Biography
Charles Odii Biography

Charles O. Odii is now in charge as the head of the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency (SMEDAN). President Bola Ahmed Tinubu selected him for the position. This article contains vital information about Charles odii, his career as entrepreneur, education, and every details about Charles Odii Biography

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Charles Odii Biography and Early Life

Charles Okeibunor Odii is a Nigerian who has ventured into many fields – he’s an author, a publicist, an entrepreneur, and a strong supporter of small businesses in Africa. He’s the person behind SME 100 Africa, a company that champions small businesses. Charles and his team work with small business owners to help them plan, manage, grow, and launch their businesses successfully.

He’s been doing this for about five years now and has trained many entrepreneurs in Nigeria. In 2018, his work even earned him a nomination at The Future Awards Africa. Charles Odii comes from the Delta North senatorial district in Delta State and has a royal family background. He was born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Odii in Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria. He grew up with his six siblings.

Charles started his journey as an entrepreneur at a young age, selling video game CDs when he was just 15. By the time he turned 17, he shifted to selling custom-made fashion. This led to the creation of his clothing line, Charles Bryne clothing, which has since grown into an international fashion company, selling fashion items not only in Africa but around the world.

Charles Odii Educational Background

Charles values education and believes it’s crucial for success in any business. He got his PhD at the School of Media and Communications at Pan-Atlantic University in Lagos, Nigeria.

This is the same school where he got his master’s degree in Marketing Communications. He pursued his bachelor’s degree in Management and Information Systems at Covenant University in Ogun State, Nigeria a few years before that.

Charles Odii Career

Before starting SME100 Africa in 2014, Charles had some important jobs. He worked as a Business Development Consultant for Rocket Internet and was also part of the Management Consultant team at Red Africa. After finishing his university studies, Charles, along with others, co-founded Bilateral Data & Communications.

This company is all about marketing and provides services like advertising, research, public relations, and marketing to different industries like investment, finance, pharmaceuticals, entertainment, manufacturing, aviation, distribution, fashion, and technology consulting. Additionally, in 2017, he worked as a media consultant for the Internal Revenue Board of both Delta and Imo State Governments. Charles O. Odii is currently in charge as the head of the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency (SMEDAN)

SME 100 Africa

Charles is the person who started SME100 Africa, a special organization with a mission to assist entrepreneurs in Africa. They help both those who are already in business and those who want to start. They do this by giving access to money, markets, mentors, teaching, and useful information. With the help of SME100 Africa, Charles Odii has given training to around 10,000 young people in Nigeria, teaching them the skills they need to start and run businesses. They have also helped make many businesses official in Nigeria. They’ve partnered with big international organizations like the US State Government and Google.

Other Facts About Charles Odii

An inventive inventor with lots of experience in technology and media is focused on creating valuable ideas for markets in sub-Saharan Africa. This involves combining innovation and entrepreneurial thinking with effective execution and investment strategies.

Charles is really passionate about helping others explore and pursue entrepreneurship. He’s always curious and daring in his work as a media and fashion entrepreneur. Much of his career has been dedicated to understanding how to make a positive impact on society and the world. Whether it’s coming up with new tools and resources, studying competency-based learning, devising online education strategies, or aiding in business development, he’s skilled at creating business and marketing plans and offering innovative, technology-driven solutions.

Charles Odii is not only commercially smart but also knows how to motivate and inspire various groups of people to achieve groundbreaking goals. His expertise lies in marketing, business development, product creation, marketing strategies, and fostering entrepreneurship.

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