May 26, 2024

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” got both sides of the aisle going this morning.  

Joe Scarborough said that Democrats needed to call out the campus chaos more than they have been doing. Not only hasn’t there been a loud outcry by Joe Biden or many Democrats, but some Democrats, like the members of the Squad, have even expressed support for the radicals. He claimed they had to push for a ceasefire. 


Al Sharpton stepped on the narrative big time, comparing the campus riots/violence to Jan. 6.

“How do the Democrats, how do all of us on that side, say January 6 was wrong if you can have the same pictures going on, on college campuses, you can lose the moral high ground? Sharpton asked. 

That’s when Mika Brzezinski had a meltdown. “Good Lord, don’t make a parallel to January 6th!” co-host Mika Brzezinski said in response. “For some reason, that’s not allowed.” Whoops, she just said the quiet part out loud — you aren’t supposed to be saying that, Al!

Then, she did her best to deflect by trying to go back to what was happening at UCLA. 

Perhaps she got a scolding after she said something similar on Tuesday.

Brzezinksi made the same comparison on Tuesday’s “Morning Joe” while reacting to footage of the protests. 

“That’s the place we’ve all been sitting in, watching this, going, ‘What the hell is going on? What are these universities doing? Why aren’t they doing something?’ And I’ll echo the horror that this does look like January 6th. What a terrible example for our students,” she said at the time.


Can’t have that. 

Sharpton’s statement was nonsensical because they don’t have the moral high ground — people on the left have been behind riots and anti-American actions for decades. The anti-Americans’ actions on campuses now are right in line with the history of the left and indeed involve some of the same people involved in prior such actions/movements. And they particularly don’t have the high ground because now, while people were locked up for Jan 6, people involved in riots such as against the Trump inauguration didn’t suffer anywhere near the harshness of approach/prosecution. Plus, imagine Sharpton talking about riots and moral high ground, given his past. 

Sharpton said the campus activists had made the protests “about them, and I think that they’ve lost the message.” He also blamed the outside agitators as though they were somehow other than leftists. 

His statement caused some on the left to explode — how dare he make such a comparison? 

However, Sharpton’s statement did expose how the media wants to demonize Jan. 6 but doesn’t hold the same approach to riots involving people on the left. 

Jan. 6 was a riot that lasted a few hours; these are organized anti-American actions happening across the country, where some Democrats have been supportive of the activists.


They want us to forget things like this:

But the bottom line is that the double standard is glaring to all. 

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