May 26, 2024
New Ohinoyi Of Ebiraland Biography
New Ohinoyi Of Ebiraland Biography

New Ohinoyi Of Ebiraland Biography

The recent appointment of Alhaji Ahmed Tijani Anaje as the new Ohinoyi of Ebiraland marks a significant moment in the realm of traditional leadership in Kogi State, Nigeria. Born into the esteemed Ohi of Okenkwe lineage, Alhaji Anaje’s ascent to this venerable position is steeped in the rich cultural heritage of the region. His dedication to upholding traditions and his commitment to fostering unity among the people of Ebiraland stands as a testament to his leadership qualities.


Alhaji Ahmed Tijani Anaje’s journey into traditional leadership reflects a profound understanding of the complexities and responsibilities inherent in guiding and uniting the people of Ebiraland. While his specific career path leading up to the appointment might not be explicitly detailed, his background in community engagement, coupled with his heritage as a scion of the Ohi of Okenkwe, speaks volumes about his readiness for this pivotal role.

As the new Ohinoyi, Alhaji Anaje is expected to steer the region with wisdom, fairness, and a deep-seated commitment to preserving the cultural heritage of the Ebira people. His experience and dedication to fostering unity and progress in the region are pivotal in ensuring a harmonious and prosperous future for Ebiraland.

Alhaji Ahmed Tijani Anaje Biography

New Ohinoyi Of Ebiraland Appointment

Alhaji Ahmed Tijani Anaje’s appointment as the Ohinoyi of Ebiraland was a significant development endorsed by Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello. This appointment came at a time when there were complexities and controversies surrounding the selection and appointment of traditional rulers in the state.

Governor Bello’s approval and announcement of Anaje as the 5th Ohinoyi of Ebiraland surprised many, as there were reportedly other prominent contenders for the position, including Prince Ataba, considered the heir apparent. The selection process involved 70 contestants, and the final list of seven qualified aspirants was submitted to the state government for consideration.

Despite political differences and varying opinions among Ebira elders, Alhaji Anaje emerged as the chosen leader to succeed the late Abdul Rahman Ado Ibrahim. His appointment is a testament to the significance of maintaining the cultural heritage and unity of Ebiraland.

Alhaji Anaje’s leadership is expected to bring a renewed sense of purpose and direction to Ebiraland, fostering peace, unity, and progress among its people. The governor, recognizing the efforts of the kingmakers’ committee and commending their selection, emphasized the need for support and cooperation among the aspirants, underscoring the importance of unity in advancing the region’s interests.

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