Nierian Rapper Oladips is Dead: Oladips Biography, Cause Of Death, Career, Personal Life And Net Worth


Oladips Biography And Career

A Nigerian pop star, Oladipupo Olabode Oladimenji, more popular as Oladips, has died.

At the age of sixteen, Ola Dips ventured into music. Before gaining popularity among rap battlers on Facebook, he began his journey as a text battler. In a significant battle, he emerged victorious against Don Geo.

Ola Dips’ breakthrough came with his triumph at the “King is here” competition organized by D’banj, marking his first and most pivotal moment. He garnered recognition from both the public and fellow rappers. Subsequently, Ola secured his initial record deal with the Nigerian music label EDGE Records.

Since then, he has shared stages with numerous successful Nigerian music industry representatives, gaining exposure at events across various African countries. His rendition of a Drake and Trey song received enthusiastic approval from the audience.

Ola Dips also penned the notable track “Don’t Let Dagrin Down,” a tribute to the late Dagrin, which garnered widespread acclaim and appreciation.

The news of Ola Dips’ departure from LRR/EDGE Records emerged on July 1, 2019, surprising followers of the Nigerian music scene. Subsequently, he released a song where he accused Label CEO Reminisce of contract breaches and criticized him.

Ola Dips claimed this happened because his career didn’t progress as promised, and there was less investment in his music career than initially indicated. The record company, on the other hand, asserted they were only providing support and that no formal contract existed. In the song, Ola Dips expressed feeling deceived and revealed he left the label with a mere 23,000 naira ($63) in his account.

Despite this dispute, recent speculations suggest improved communication between them, as evidenced by their frequent interactions, such as leaving comments on each other’s Instagram posts, hinting that they may have resolved their conflict and moved forward.

Oladips Death

As stated on his Instagram page, Oladips passed away precisely at 10:14 pm on Tuesday night.

Late yesterday, videos surfaced on social media showing the Lalakukulala singer appearing to collapse while being surrounded by friends.

Before the circulation of the video, Oladips had used his Instagram stories to ask for assistance. He mentioned @onlyonelifetime, one of his friends, and questioned their whereabouts. The rapper expressed frustration about repeatedly trying to contact the friend by phone and highlighted how they were aware of his discomfort being alone at home, particularly given his condition.

The statement highlighted that Oladips had privately struggled with his issues for over two years.

Oladips’ remains are now in the care of his family, and details regarding funeral arrangements will be announced soon.

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