May 23, 2024
Paul Akintelure Biography
Paul Akintelure Biography

Paul Akintelure Biography

Dr. Paul Akintelure is a remarkable Nigerian medical doctor born on June 13, 1961, in Igbotako, Ondo State. Despite facing personal hardships, including the loss of his father, Dr. Akintelure remained determined to pursue a career in medicine. His exceptional academic abilities paved the way for him to obtain his MBBS degree from the prestigious University of Ibadan in 1990, marking the beginning of his illustrious medical career.

Paul Akintelure Age

Paul Akintelure is 63 years old as of 2024.

Paul Akintelure Education

Dr. Akintelure’s journey in the field of medicine began with his undergraduate studies at the University of Ibadan, where he honed his skills and acquired the knowledge necessary to become a proficient medical practitioner. His dedication to his studies and unwavering commitment to excellence set the foundation for his future endeavors in healthcare and community service.

Paul Akintelure Medical and Political Career

Following his graduation, Dr. Akintelure embarked on his medical journey, starting with his internship at General Hospital, Lagos. His passion for serving others and his natural leadership skills were evident during his tenure in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) at the Comprehensive Health Centre in Ogunbayo Odeda. After completing his NYSC service, Dr. Akintelure went on to establish Broad Hospital, where he provided accessible and affordable healthcare services to communities in Ondo State and Lagos State.

Throughout his career, Dr. Akintelure remained dedicated to improving the lives of others through his medical practice, philanthropic endeavors, and commitment to education. His selfless contributions to society earned him titles of honor, including Otunba of Osooro-Land and Otunba of Ikale-Land. He was a beacon of hope for many, offering scholarships to students, creating job opportunities, and providing free medical services to indigent patients.

Paul Akintelure Personal Life

Beyond his professional achievements, Dr. Akintelure cherished his role as a husband and father. He was married and had a family, demonstrating his commitment to fostering strong familial bonds amidst his demanding career responsibilities. Despite his busy schedule, Dr. Akintelure prioritized quality time with his loved ones, instilling in them the values of compassion, integrity, and service to others.

Paul Akintelure Net Worth

Despite having a net worth of $3million, his true wealth lies in the lives he touched and the positive impact he made on his community. His legacy of service, compassion, and leadership transcends monetary value, leaving an indelible mark on those who had the privilege of knowing him.

Paul Akintelure Death

On March 26, 2024, Dr. Paul Akintelure was tragically reported dead. His sudden demise came days after he raised concerns about threats to his life. While the cause of his death remains unknown, tributes poured in from across the country, honoring his memory and legacy of service. Dr. Akintelure’s passing was deeply mourned by friends, colleagues, and political associates, who remembered him as a dedicated medical practitioner, politician, and advocate for the people.


Dr. Paul Akintelure’s life serves as a testament to the power of compassion, service, and sacrifice. His unwavering commitment to improving the lives of others, both through his medical practice and his philanthropic endeavors, leaves behind a legacy of hope and inspiration. While his passing leaves a void in the hearts of those who knew him, Dr. Akintelure’s memory will forever be cherished, serving as a guiding light for future generations to emulate.


What were Dr. Paul Akintelure’s contributions to healthcare and community service?

Dr. Akintelure dedicated his life to providing accessible and affordable healthcare services to communities in Ondo State and Lagos State. Through his medical practice at Broad Hospital, he offered free services to indigent patients and established himself as a pillar of support for those in need.

What impact did Dr. Akintelure’s philanthropic endeavors have on his community?

Dr. Akintelure’s philanthropic efforts, including offering scholarships to students and creating job opportunities, significantly impacted his community, empowering individuals to pursue their dreams and achieve success. His commitment to education and empowerment continues to inspire others to make a positive difference in society.

How did Dr. Akintelure’s political career intersect with his medical profession?

Dr. Akintelure’s foray into politics provided him with a platform to advocate for the people and address pressing issues affecting his community. He leveraged his medical expertise and leadership skills to champion healthcare reform and social justice initiatives, leaving a lasting impact on the political landscape.

What lessons can we learn from Dr. Akintelure’s life and legacy?

Dr. Akintelure’s life exemplifies the importance of service, compassion, and resilience in making a meaningful difference in the world. His unwavering commitment to improving the lives of others serves as a timeless reminder of the power of empathy and kindness in transforming communities and shaping a better future for all.

How did Dr. Akintelure balance his professional responsibilities with his personal life?

Despite his demanding career in medicine and politics, Dr. Akintelure prioritized his family and spent quality time with his loved ones. He instilled in them the values of compassion, integrity, and service to others, leaving behind a lasting legacy of love and dedication.

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