May 23, 2024
Sarah Olowojoba Biography
Sarah Olowojoba Biography

Sarah Olowojoba Biography

Sarah Olowojoba is also known as chef tolani. Chef Tolani Tayo Osikoya, the Owner and Creative Director of Diary of a Kitchen Lover (DOAKL), has embarked on an engaging animated diary series. This series delves into her journey of building the well-established DOAKL brand, widely acknowledged today. Tolani had previously informed her fans and followers on Instagram about her plans to commence a “Fresh New Chapter.”

Sarah Olowojoba is a highly acclaimed Nigerian culinary expert, food blogger, and food entrepreneur. My passion for food and kitchen aesthetics drives my commitment to cultivating a community of enthusiastic food and kitchen aficionados through various platforms and personal tutorials.

With nearly five years of hands-on experience, I have honed my expertise in the culinary and food blogging realms. This journey includes noteworthy achievements such as winning the Sterling Bank’s Jollof Master competition, establishing Diaryofakitchenlover Studios, launching KookandBeyond, and guiding over 500 students in their culinary endeavors both online and offline.

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In what seemed like a farewell address, the accomplished Food Blogger expressed gratitude to everyone for their love and support in establishing the Diary of a Kitchen Lover brand. According to her, “the brand has grown tremendously over the years, and now it is time for a New Chapter.” She also pledged to share her success story before unveiling this New Chapter.

Although Tolani did not provide any clues about the nature of this New Chapter, her recently launched animated diary series recounts her challenges, triumphs, ups and downs, and the journey of how DOAKL evolved into the recognized and successful brand it is today.

Personal Details

  • Full Names: Tolani Tayo-Osikoya
    Other Names: Chef Tolani, Chef T
    Date of birth: 24th October,
    Age: Nil
    Spouse: Nil
    Children: Tifeoluwa
    Nationality: Nigerian
    Occupation: Chef, blogger, influencer, YouTuber
    Net Worth: $80,000

Sarah Olowojoba Age

Sarah Olowojoba also known as chef tolani is believed to be in her early 30s, although her birthday is 24 October. She has a daughter Tifeoluwa with her husband.

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