The Morning After: The verdict on Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra

Samsung’s 2024 flagship has landed. The S24 Ultra has a new titanium frame, improved telephoto cameras and is jam-packed with new AI smarts and features. It’s also more expensive than ever.

It’s the AI features not hardware that mark this year’s S23 series, though. AI tools range across text and translation, photography and search. A lot of these AI abilities are already available from other services, like ChatGPT and Bard, but this is crammed into the S24 series at the base level, so from the Notes app you can summarize, auto-format, spellcheck or translate your missives, on the go. (Transcription is also, apparently, very impressive, but that might be the journalist in me getting excited.)


TMA (Engadget)

Factor in a much faster chip, a brighter display and even longer battery life and the S24 Ultra makes a case for upgrading. It’s just a pricey one.

— Mat Smith

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It was due to the EU’s anti-competitive concerns.

Amazon and iRobot, maker of the Roomba vacuum line, just announced they are dropping their proposed merger. They announced the potential acquisition back in August 2022, and in November, the European Commission raised formal concerns over the potential impact on competition. The companies didn’t mention the formal investigation in the announcement. Now the deal isn’t going through, iRobot says it’s laying off about 350 employees, which represents 31 percent of the company’s workforce. Colin Angle, founder, CEO and chair of the iRobot board of directors is also stepping down as chair and CEO.

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It was pulled offline an hour after launch.


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Rocksteady’s new third-person action shooter Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was pulled offline just one hour after launch after players encountered a bizarre bug that immediately beats the game. It locked players out of all story missions, including tutorials, in a race to reach the end credits. It also makes it impossible to receive trophies and achievements, but the biggest issue may be the inability to play any of the $70 game. The developer says it’s working on a fix.

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The solar panels recharged after the sun’s orientation shifted.

Japan’s lunar lander has regained power, nine days after it landed on the Moon’s surface nearly upside down and switched off. JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) said a change in the sun’s position allowed the solar panels to receive light and charge the probe’s battery, so JAXA could reestablish communication. In any case, the mission was deemed a success, as the primary goal was a precision landing. It did just that, hitting a spot just 55 meters (180 feet) of its target. Just… the wrong way up.

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Yes, it’s 2024. Why do you ask?


TMA (Reuters)

Back on Earth, and in 2022, Japan’s Minister of Digital Affairs Taro Kono urged various branches of the government to stop requiring businesses to submit information on outdated forms of physical media. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) is one of the first to make the switch. Kono’s staff identified some 1,900 protocols across several government departments that still require floppy disks, CD-ROMs and even (!) MiniDiscs.

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