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Asfaw Meshesha Biography
Asfaw Meshesha Biography

Asfaw Meshesha Biography

Asfaw Meshesha is a revered Ethiopian television personality and talk show host. He was born n June 15, 1975, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Little is known about his early life, but his journey in the world of media would later leave an indelible mark on Ethiopian television.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Asfaw’s physical attributes contributed to his charismatic presence. Standing at an impressive height of 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm) and weighing 176 lbs (80 kg), he possessed a commanding and attractive demeanor. His distinct features included black hair, complemented by engaging brown eyes.

Maintaining his overall well-being, Asfaw prioritized a healthy lifestyle. He engaged in physical activities such as soccer and basketball, often participating alongside his son and friends. A balanced diet and a consistent exercise routine were integral parts of his routine, ensuring that he remained fit and enjoyed a robust state of health. Asfaw’s commitment to a healthy lifestyle reflected not only in his professional success but also in his personal well-being and interactions within his community.

Asfaw Meshesha Education

Asfaw Meshesha’s educational journey commenced at the esteemed Sandford International School in Addis Ababa, where he not only excelled academically but also actively participated in a range of extracurricular pursuits. During his time at the school, Asfaw showcased his versatility as a member of the debate team, drama club, and soccer team.

In 1996, Asfaw completed his high school education with distinction, earning a scholarship to pursue journalism at the University of Missouri in the United States. Over the course of four years, he dedicated himself to his studies and successfully obtained his bachelor’s degree in 2000. Eager to contribute to the media landscape in Ethiopia, Asfaw returned to his homeland to embark on his professional journey.

Commencing his career as a reporter and editor for the Ethiopian Herald, the country’s oldest English-language newspaper, Asfaw delved into covering a diverse array of topics, including politics, economics, culture, and sports. His role extended beyond straightforward reporting, as he ventured into crafting opinion pieces and editorials, providing a platform for his insightful perspectives on current affairs.

His ability to articulate views and conduct in-depth analyses swiftly garnered him recognition and respect within the journalistic community, establishing him as a professional known for his integrity, eloquence, and commitment to excellence.

Asfaw Meshesha Career

Return to Ethiopia and Contributions to EBS

Asfaw Meshesha’s significant contributions to Ethiopian television unfolded upon his return to Ethiopia from the United States, where he had been residing. His arrival marked the beginning of a remarkable career at EBS Television, where he played a pivotal role in the success of the station.

Talk Show Host and Distinguished Career:

Widely admired both within and beyond Ethiopia, Asfaw Meshesha’s role as a talk show host elevated him to a distinguished position in the realm of Ethiopian media. His ability to engage audiences and address diverse topics contributed to the success of the shows he hosted.

Medical Struggles and Community Support

In October 2023, Asfaw Meshesha faced a health crisis as he suffered a stroke. This prompted the need for specialized medical care, leading to his travel to the United States. EBS Television, recognizing his invaluable contributions, covered the expenses related to his medical treatment and travel. The community, recognizing his impact, rallied together in an extraordinary fundraising effort that raised over $200,000 to support the remaining medical costs.

Asfaw Meshesha Biography

Asfaw Meshesha Personal Life

Asfaw Meshesha was happily married to Selamawit Assefa, a talented and stunning actress renowned for her roles in numerous Ethiopian movies and TV shows. Their love story began in 2002 when they crossed paths at a film festival, leading to a deep connection. The couple tied the knot in 2004, and their joy expanded with the arrival of their son, Samson (Japi) Asfaw, in 2006. Together, they formed a close-knit and affectionate family, finding happiness in shared activities like traveling, watching movies, and spending quality time together.

Tragedy struck Asfaw’s life in 2010, altering its course irreversibly. The devastating incident involved the loss of his beloved wife, Selamawit, in a car accident while she was en route to visit her parents. At the young age of 32, Selamawit’s untimely departure was a profound shock to Asfaw and their family. The same fateful day brought another wave of grief, as Asfaw’s father, Meshesha, succumbed to a heart attack at the age of 68. This dual loss left Asfaw grappling with profound sorrow, having lost both his wife and father on the same day.

Suddenly finding himself as the sole caregiver for his four-year-old son, Samson, Asfaw faced the immense challenge of navigating life as a single parent. The tragic events of 2010 forever changed the landscape of Asfaw’s existence, marking a period of profound grief and adjustment as he embarked on the journey of raising his son amidst the memories of a once joyful family life.

Children, Parents, and Siblings

Asfaw shared a life full of love and familial connections. His wife, Selamawit Assefa, was not only beautiful but also a talented actress who graced several Ethiopian movies and TV shows with her presence. Together, they welcomed a son into their lives, Samson (Japi) Asfaw, born in 2006. As a devoted father, Asfaw Meshesha showered his son with love, care, and unwavering support. He took on the responsibility of nurturing and guiding young Samson, ensuring he grew up with a strong foundation of affection and wisdom.

Within the family, Asfaw played a crucial role in imparting valuable lessons to his son, particularly about his late mother, Selamawit, and his grandfather. Tragically, both Selamawit and Asfaw’s father passed away on the same fateful day in 2010. Despite this profound loss, Asfaw handled the responsibility of parenting with resilience and compassion, ensuring that Samson carried forward the legacies of his mother and grandfather in his heart.

Asfaw’s family background added layers of significance to his identity. Born to Meshesha Asfaw, a distinguished lawyer and politician who served as a member of parliament and a minister of justice in the Ethiopian government, Asfaw had a rich familial heritage. Furthermore, he was the grandson of Asfaw Wossen, the last crown prince of Ethiopia, and the son of Emperor Haile Selassie. The familial ties extended not only to political realms but also to royalty, with Asfaw holding a unique position in Ethiopian history.

His relationship with his father, Meshesha Asfaw, and his grandfather, Asfaw Wossen, was marked by closeness and respect. The influence of these two significant figures in Asfaw’s life extended beyond personal relationships to impact his career choices and life decisions. The wisdom and guidance passed down from father to son and grandfather to grandson shaped Asfaw’s journey, contributing to the man he became.

In embracing the complexities of his familial history, Asfaw Meshesha carried forward a legacy that intertwined political influence, royal connections, and personal relationships. His commitment to family values and the transmission of cultural and familial knowledge to the next generation exemplified his dedication to preserving the rich tapestry of his heritage.

Asfaw Meshesha Net Worth

Asfaw was a highly accomplished and influential figure in Ethiopian and African journalism, making significant contributions as both a journalist and talk show host. His professional journey led him to EBS TV, a premier satellite television channel in Ethiopia, where he held the distinguished positions of head of the news department and the host of the widely acclaimed EBS Sunday show. In addition to his pivotal roles at EBS TV, Asfaw showcased his creativity by conceptualizing and producing various programs and documentaries, not only for EBS TV but also for other prominent media outlets.

As of 2024, Asfaw’s financial success was evident, with an estimated net worth reaching $5 million. His diverse income streams included a substantial salary from EBS TV, earnings generated through his YouTube channel, lucrative sponsorships and endorsements from diverse brands and organizations, and recognition through numerous awards and honors from both national and international institutions.

Community Fundraising and Support

The remarkable community response to Meshesha’s medical expenses is a testament to the high regard in which he was held. The collective effort to raise funds, surpassing the initial target, speaks volumes about the impact he had not only in the media landscape but also in the hearts of the community.

Asfaw Meshesha Ethnicity and Religion

Asfaw Meshesha was a proud Ethiopian citizen, belonging to the Amhara ethnic group, which stands as one of the largest and oldest ethnic groups in Ethiopia. His sense of pride in his heritage and culture manifested in vibrant celebrations of Ethiopian holidays and traditions, shared joyously with his family and friends.

In addition to his Amhara identity, Asfaw deeply respected and valued the diversity within the Ethiopian community, encompassing more than 80 ethnic groups and a plethora of languages. Recognizing the richness that this diversity brought to the nation, he consistently advocated for peace, unity, and harmony among the Ethiopian people. Strongly condemning any form of violence, discrimination, or hatred based on ethnicity or any other factor, Meshesha envisioned a nation where differences were celebrated and embraced.

Devoting himself to the tenets of his faith, Asfaw Meshesha was a devout Orthodox Christian, steadfastly following the teachings and practices of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church. This church, renowned as one of the oldest Christian institutions globally, shaped his spiritual beliefs and guided his moral compass. Through his life, Asfaw embodied a commitment to both cultural diversity and religious harmony, contributing to the broader vision of a united and tolerant Ethiopia.

Asfaw Meshesha Death

Asfaw Meshesha’s untimely passing on January 14, 2024, marked the end of an era in Ethiopian television. The cause of death Asfaw Meshesha’s death is linked to brain cancer or his health struggles following the stroke he suffered in October 2023. As of now, the family has not disclosed details regarding funeral arrangements or the timeline for transporting his body back to Ethiopia.

Asfaw Meshesha Controversies

Asfaw Meshesha stood as a beacon of professionalism and ethical conduct in the realm of journalism and talk show hosting. His commitment to respect, both for his guests and audience, defined his approach to his craft. Fearlessly tackling tough questions and challenging his guests, Asfaw maintained an unwavering commitment to decency, ensuring that he never crossed lines or offended anyone.

Particularly in areas of sensitivity like politics, religion, or ethnicity, Asfaw exercised caution, refraining from taking sides or injecting personal opinions. His dedication to neutrality and objectivity formed the cornerstone of his work, where the paramount goal was to deliver quality information and entertainment to his viewers.

Despite the admirable principles that guided his work, Asfaw did not escape the scrutiny of criticism or controversy. Some of his interviews and segments became catalysts for debates, eliciting varied reactions from different groups and individuals. Whether showered with praise or criticized for his efforts, Asfaw’s work triggered discussions.

Noteworthy interviews with figures such as Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, singer Teddy Afro, actor Idris Elba, and Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus became focal points for both positive and negative feedback from his diverse audience. Accusations of bias, unprofessionalism, or sensationalism were countered by defenders who applauded Asfaw for his courage, honesty, and excellence.

In the face of controversies and criticisms, Asfaw Meshesha exemplified grace and dignity. Rather than engaging in rebuttals or allowing insults to tarnish his work or personal life, he maintained a composed demeanor. Expressing gratitude to his supporters and fans, Asfaw welcomed constructive feedback and suggestions, always demonstrating a willingness to learn and improve. His humility and gratitude remained steadfast, serving as a testament to his character, never allowing fame or success to inflate his ego.

10 Unknown Facts About Asfaw Meshesha

The following include 10 unknown facts about Asfaw Meshesha:

  • Real Name and Birth:
    • Asfaw Meshesha was his given name, and he was born in Ethiopia during the 1975.
  • Career Transition to Ethiopia:
    • Leaving his residence in the United States, he returned to Ethiopia to begin his journey as a television personality.
  • EBS Television Career:
    • Meshesha initiated his career at EBS Television, significantly contributing to the station’s success.
  • International Program Production:
    • While in the United States, he created the program “Life in America,” which he presented remotely on EBS television.
  • Radio Journalism:
    • Apart from television, he worked as a journalist for EBC FM Addis 97.1 radio.
  • Versatility in Addressing Diverse Topics:
    • His adeptness at discussing various subjects and engaging audiences set him apart from his peers in the Ethiopian media industry.
  • Health Setback – Stroke:
    • Unfortunately, Meshesha faced a stroke in October 2023, bringing an abrupt end to his enduring career.
  • Passing Away:
    • On January 14, 2024, he passed away due to complications arising from the stroke and an incurable illness.
  • Limited Insight into Personal Life:
    • While details about his personal life remain relatively unknown, it is confirmed that he had a son named Samson (Japi) Asfaw.
  • Estimated Net Worth:
    • Meshesha’s accumulated wealth was estimated to be $5million during his impactful career in the media industry.

Other Facts About

Meshesha possessed proficiency in multiple languages, including Amharic, English, and French, showcasing his linguistic versatility. Moreover, he extended his linguistic repertoire by acquiring a basic understanding of Korean, motivated by his frequent visits to South Korea and his close ties with the Korean government and media.

Meshesha was an avid sports enthusiast, particularly passionate about soccer and basketball. His unwavering support extended to Arsenal FC and the Los Angeles Lakers. Engaging in friendly soccer matches with his son and friends, Meshesha found joy in both playing and cheering for his favorite teams.

A compassionate soul at heart, Asfaw Meshesha was not only a fan of sports but also a dedicated philanthropist and humanitarian. He actively championed various causes and charities, including the Ethiopian Red Cross, the African Children’s Hope Foundation, and the Asfaw Scholarship Fund. The latter, a testament to his commitment to nurturing young and talented journalists and media professionals, aimed to provide educational support.

Meshesha’s deep-rooted faith as a devout Orthodox Christian shaped his daily life. Regular church attendance, daily prayers, and vibrant celebrations of Ethiopian holidays and traditions with his family and friends were integral components of his spiritual journey. Through his diverse interests and philanthropic endeavors, Meshesha left a lasting impact, embodying the values of compassion, cultural preservation, and education.


Meshesha’s life journey, marked by a distinguished career in Ethiopian television, took an unexpected turn with health challenges leading to his passing. His legacy extends beyond the screens to the hearts of those who admired his work and the community that rallied around him during his time of need. As the details surrounding funeral arrangements remain private, the collective mourning for the loss of this influential television personality reverberates within and beyond Ethiopia.

Asfaw Meshesha

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