May 23, 2024
Just Adetoun Biography
Just Adetoun Biography

Just Adetoun Biography

Just Adetoun real name is Adetoun Bolanle Onajobi. She was born in the mid-1980s. Growing up, she witnessed firsthand the injustices prevalent in her community, which would later become a driving force behind her dedication to social justice causes. Her formative years set the stage for a life devoted to making a positive impact on society.

Just Adetoun Career

Gospel Artist and O.Y.A Music

Just Adetoun, at 35 years old, is a Spirit-filled unconventional Gospel Artist and the founder of O.Y.A Music, a celebrated Nigerian gospel artist collective. Her work in the gospel music industry has seen her collaborate with various artists, producers, and ministers, leaving an indelible mark on the Nigerian gospel music scene.

Human Rights Activism

Adetoun’s commitment to social justice goes beyond her musical endeavors. As a dedicated human rights activist, she has been on a mission to advance social justice and advocate for a more equitable society in Nigeria. Her experiences growing up in a community rife with injustice fueled her determination to address these issues head-on.

Founder of D’MATRIARCH and Non-Profit Work

Adetoun founded D’MATRIARCH, a non-profit organization committed to promoting human rights, fighting social injustices, and influencing governmental decisions that impact marginalized communities. Her expertise in human rights advocacy has led her to collaborate with various organizations to raise awareness about human rights abuses in Nigeria. Adetoun is recognized as a respected voice in Nigeria’s human rights community, earning numerous accolades for her impactful work.

CEO of Babyology Wellness and Nutrition Clinic

Aside from her advocacy work, Adetoun wears the hat of CEO at Babyology Wellness and Nutrition Clinic. In this capacity, she oversees nutrition consulting, professional children’s therapy, and children’s food management, showcasing her multifaceted approach to making a positive impact on the lives of children.

Feed A Child Community Initiative

Adetoun is the visionary behind the Feed a Child Community Initiative, an NGO advocating for the rights of less privileged children. The initiative addresses various issues, including empowerment for young mothers, support for victims of rape, care for abandoned children, and social and educational empowerment. Through her leadership, Adetoun has successfully lobbied the government to implement policies aimed at tackling social challenges faced by students, hospitals, and small businesses.

Just Adetoun Biography

Just Adetoun Personal Life

Just Adetoun is happily married, although she intentionally keeps her husband and family out of the public eye. Her private life remains a source of strength and support, providing her with the foundation to continue her impactful work.

Just Adetoun Net Worth

As of the latest information available, Just Adetoun has an estimated net worth of $200,000. This financial standing reflects her success as a gospel artist, entrepreneur, and activist, showcasing a holistic approach to making a positive impact on society.

Just Adetoun Onajobi is not just a gospel artist; she is a force for social change in Nigeria. Her multifaceted career spans music, human rights activism, entrepreneurship, and non-profit work. Adetoun’s commitment to justice and equity, coupled with her advocacy for the marginalized, sets her apart as a passionate and dedicated individual. As we reflect on her achievements, let’s recognize the impact she has made and join her in the ongoing struggle for social justice, working towards a Nigeria that is fair and just for all.

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