May 23, 2024
Claude Mashego
Claude Mashego Biography

Claude Mashego Biography

Claude Mashego is a finalist in the Miss World South Africa 2023 competition. She is a Medical Doctor at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, she is the Founder & CEO of Young Leaders Network NPC.

The Miss World South Africa title is more than just a pageant; it offers a platform for leadership and a chance to inspire effective leadership in our nation, across the continent, and worldwide.

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If she were to win the Miss World title, Claude’s objective is to establish a network of young leaders and community builders not only in South Africa but also throughout Africa through her non-profit organization, the Young Leaders Network.

She envisions the collective efforts of young people from various corners of the country and the continent working together to transform Africa into the influential powerhouse it has the potential to be. Claude, a 24-year-old medical doctor, believes that while she can’t physically reach every community due to geographical limitations, the combined impact of these young leaders can be truly transformative.

For her, pageants serve as a means to access resources and a platform for community-building, allowing her to make a positive impact and inspire others to do the same in their respective communities. Claude is a Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery graduate from the University of Pretoria.

She emphasizes the importance of being genuine and authentic. Claude has consciously integrated authenticity into her identity because she believes it’s what enables her to connect with people on a human level. This genuine connection amplifies the impact of her actions and endeavors.

Claude is collaborating with the Maripi-Orhovelani Alumni Organization (MOAO), a non-profit established by former students of Orhovelani High School, which is her alma mater. Together, they engage in various projects aimed at improving the school beyond its previous standards and empowering students and communities in the vicinity.

Her aspiration is to reduce inequality, eliminate poverty, and ensure equal access to high-quality education and healthcare services for all citizens of the country. Claude’s vision is to bridge the gap and create a more equitable and inclusive society.

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