Report: Biden May Take Action As Early As Tonight Re: Iran – Officials Even List Possible Options

Sometimes, you have to wonder who is running the clownish Biden administration. 

There are reports Monday night that Joe Biden may take some action in response to the Iran-backed attack on American military forces that resulted in three Americans being killed and more than 40 injured at last count. 


But in typical Biden fashion, not only is the Biden team telegraphing to the Iranians that something may be coming in advance, but now they’ve even leaked some of the possible options that the Pentagon is considering.

Biden, who has a well-known desire to limit conflict and avoid dragging the United States into another Middle East war, has directed his team to draw up military options in response to the weekend attack.

Among the options on the table for the Pentagon: striking Iranian personnel in Syria or Iraq or Iranian naval assets in the Persian Gulf, according to the officials. The Iranian government, for its part, has suggested that a strike on Iran itself would be a red line. The officials suggested that, once the president gave the go-ahead, the retaliation would likely begin in the next couple of days and come in waves against a range of targets.

Um, why are you even saying this much about what you might hit? Unless you’re trying to mislead the Iranians, you shouldn’t be saying anything. You don’t say anything until after; you don’t give them any chance to adjust based on what you say. And what’s with this considering kind of thing? Former Presidents Donald Trump or Ronald Reagan would have acted already. 


And this is where we are due to the weakness in response to all of the prior attacks — about 160. Biden has only responded to about ten percent of them without really hitting much of anything, according to Rep. Mike Walz (R-FL), who has spoken to people in the field. Now Biden is in a much more difficult position that he’s backed us into — how much is enough without setting off a wider war? That’s assuming Biden doesn’t want to set off a wider war. 

Not to mention, the Iranians think they can walk all over Biden because he’s bent over for them and freed billions for them. 

Analyst Charles Lister is saying his sources suggest it will be a “phased” or “tiered” response. 


We shall have to see, but with Biden at the helm, cross your fingers that he doesn’t mess it up.

But oh, look, sounds like they might be reacting to the heads-up. 


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