May 23, 2024

Left-wingers have a unique ability to effortlessly twist themselves into illogical pretzels while refusing to accept responsibility for their actions, instead passing the proverbial buck to evil Republicans.


The undesirable trait was on full display on MSNBC on Wednesday morning, as the geniuses blamed “bad faith” Republicans for the pro-Hamas, antisemitic demonstrations on university campuses.

Insane, you say? Of course it is. But, hey— leftists gotta do what they do best. 

Princeton professor and MSNBC contributor Eddie Glaude Jr. joined Ana Cabrera Reports to discuss the chaos. As Glaude sees it, the antisemitic demonstrators aren’t the problem. After all, they just “want a better America.” The real problem, Glaude absurdly said, is the “bad faith” Republicans condemning universities for allowing the mayhem to continue.

Cabrera kicked off the chucklesome festivities.

I am curious, though, as to how you see these protests, Eddie, through a broader lens. Some have compared these college campus demonstrations to protests during the Vietnam War. Do you think that’s an accurate comparison?

Yeah, well, whoever those “some” are couldn’t be more wrong, which we’ll get to. Glaude responded:

Well, you want to reach for the familiar in order to understand the current moment, and I get that, but I want us to — I want us to view these protests within the context of our current moment, the current geopolitical context and that is we’re in a period where our politics are heightened, that the conflicts within the country where it feels as if we’re at each other’s throats, these young people have concluded, many of them that America in so many ways is broken and they’ve come of age in so many ways, not only in terms of how— we might describe them, Ana, as the catastrophic generation.


Shall we count the ways Glaude’s answer was stupendously wrong? Let’s.

First, the Vietnam comparison. 

Vietnam protests were just. History would soon prove that the war was fought in vain. American forces truly died in vain. In contrast, what is just about antisemitic, pro-Hamas demonstrations managed by agitating organizers who get their marching orders from above? 

Next, the “period where our politics are heightened” and “we’re at each other’s throats,” while largely correct, is the product of so-called “progressivism” on one side and anger and fear on the other side, as Joe Biden and the Democrat Party continue their damnedest to destroy America as we know it — from the intentional illegal alien crisis to incessant attacks against morality to fanning the flames of racism to trying to shove “gender-affirming care” and transgenderism down the throats of those who refuse to embrace any of it.

Glaude went all in on what he called “the cult of youth.”

They’ve come of age in the midst of school shootings, in the midst of economic collapse, in the midst of a pandemic, over a million folks are dead. So, these folks are arguing for a better America, a better world, and then they’re witnessing the horror of Gaza. 


Stop the tape.

The horror of Gaza? What about the horror of Israeli citizens who, on October 7, 2023, were murdered, tortured, raped, or burned to death — including children — by Hamas terrorists, Mr. Glaude? The same Hamas terrorists, by the way, who have enjoyed a safe haven in Gaza for decades.

Glaude then addressed October 7th:

Even with the horror of October 7th, they’re witnessing the horror of the consequences and let’s be clear and just really quickly, Elise Stefanik, Republicans in the Congress are bad faith actors in this debate, and they’re driving this and administrators should understand when they respond to them, these bad actors will eventually turn only them.

We see this with the president of Columbia, they urged her to act in a certain way, she acted and they still called for her resignation. We need to understand our charge as educators and live that charge in relation to our students, not in the political climate of our current moment.

I won’t dignify the first paragraph with an analysis.

Urging Columbia University President Minouche Shafik to “act in a certain way” was comprised of calling on Shafik to take action to protect terrified Jewish students and put an end to the disruption of classes. She refused. House Speaker Mike Johnson then called on Shafik to resign.


If Johnson, Stefanik, and other congressional Republicans were “bad actors,” count me in. 

Meanwhile, MSNBC and other outlets of its ilk — I’m talking about you, CNN — continue their desperate attempt to rewrite history as it occurs. How’s that working out?


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