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Morwesi Theledi Biography
Morwesi Theledi Biography

Morwesi Theledi Biography

Morwesi Theledi was born in 1983, she is 41 years old. Morwesi is a multifaceted South African personality renowned for her roles as an actress, motivational speaker, and businesswoman. Her early years were spent in Dube, Soweto, where she shared her upbringing with an older sister and a younger brother, forming a close-knit family.

Morwesi Theledi Education

Completing her matric at Task Academy, Morwesi embarked on her academic pursuits in journalism at LNB campus. Her passion for learning led her to the University of Johannesburg, where she earned a degree in Entrepreneurship Business Management.

Morwesi Theledi Career

Banking and Fraud Scandal

Despite her aspirations in acting, Morwesi faced a significant setback in 2010. Employed in a bank, she became entangled in a web of fraudulent activities orchestrated by regular customers. Threatened with harm to her son and family members, Morwesi succumbed to pressure, agreeing to steal R2.7 million from the bank. As the pressure intensified, she inflated the amount to R27 million and blocked the transactions. However, when the syndicate discovered the ploy, they reported her to the police. In 2012, she was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Transformation Behind Bars

Morwesi Theledi Biography

During her time in prison, Morwesi showcased resilience and creativity. Participating in theatre drama, she took on challenging roles, playing five male characters and one female in a piece staged by Edmond Mhlongo and Lucky Simayile. She also ventured into scriptwriting, contributing to productions like “Shuttered Dream.” Her efforts earned her awards for Best Actress and Best Public Speaker.

Post-Prison Career

Released in 2016, Morwesi Theledi emerged as a transformed individual, using the skills acquired during her incarceration. Her foray into television acting began with Muvhango, where she portrayed the character Mantwa, a kidnapper. The producers, emphasizing talent over past mistakes, offered Morwesi a second chance to prove herself.

Morwesi Theledi Personal Life

Motherhood and Challenges

The challenges faced during her arrest, including the birth of her second child in prison, showcased Morwesi’s strength. The child, born while she was incarcerated, was later entrusted to her parents, creating emotional hurdles that she overcame with determination.

Awards and Recognition

Morwesi’s time in prison was not only marked by adversity but also triumph. Awards for Best Actress and Best Public Speaker reflected her ability to rise above circumstances and excel in unconventional environments.

Morwesi Theledi Net Worth

Morwesi Theledi, despite her challenging past, has established herself as a successful actress and businesswoman, boasting an estimated net worth exceeding $10,000.

Morwesi Theledi Crime Scandal

Morwesi’s involvement in fraudulent activities, stemming from pressure and threats from regular customers, led to her arrest in 2010. Sentenced to 10 years in prison, she served her time and emerged with a determination to use her skills for positive endeavors. The ordeal, though a dark chapter, became a catalyst for her transformation.

Morwesi Theledi Biography

Other Fcats About Morwesi Theledi

Morwesi Theledi, a South African actress, motivational speaker, and businesswoman, was born in 1983 and is currently 41 years old as of 2024. Her early life was spent in Dube, Soweto, where she grew up with her older sister and younger brother, her only two siblings. Completing her matric at Task Academy, she then pursued journalism studies at LNB campus.

She furthered her education at the University of Johannesburg, graduating with a degree in Entrepreneurship Business Management. Morwesi gained recognition as an ex-convict due to a past incident involving fraudulent activities during her time as a bank worker.

In 2010, Morwesi faced legal troubles and was arrested for fraudulent activities involving a bank. This challenging period began in 2008 when regular customers pressured her to steal money by threatening harm to her son and family members. Initially, these customers provided tips, money vouchers, and even paid her debts, creating a situation where she felt compelled to steal from the bank.

Under immense pressure and threats, Morwesi agreed to steal R2.7 million, with an additional R300,000 set aside. Realizing her mistake, she delayed the transactions and eventually blocked the account by inflating the amount from R2.7 million to R27 million. The syndicate, discovering the failure of the money transfer, reported her to the police.

Arrested in 2010, Morwesi was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2012. Remarkably, she was pregnant with her second child at the time of her arrest, and the child was born in prison. After two years, the child was taken to live with Morwesi’s parents. As of 2021, her second-born is now 11 years old.

Released from prison in 2016, Morwesi embraced a transformed life and utilized the skills acquired during her time behind bars. In prison, she participated in theatre drama, playing multiple characters in a two-handed piece cast by Edmond Mhlongo. She also became a scriptwriter for “Shuttered Dream” and received awards for Best Actress and Best Public Speaker.

Since her release, Morwesi secured her first television acting role on Muvhango, portraying the character Mantwa, a kidnapper. The producers of Muvhango emphasized that they focus on talent rather than the past, providing Morwesi with a second chance despite her ex-convict status.

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