May 23, 2024

It was a chaotic, ugly night on the UCLA campus Tuesday when pro-Hamas protesters who had taken over the quad clashed with a group who gathered outside their encampment; multiple violent fights broke out and the scene descended into absolute anarchy. Law enforcement didn’t show up for hours, but before that, there had been multiple assaults and serious injuries.



BREAKING: ‘Total Anarchy’ As Violence Erupts at UCLA’s Pro-Hamas Encampment, Police AWOL

UCLA Cancels Classes After Violence Erupts at Pro-Hamas Encampment Overnight

On Wednesday, the anti-Israel crowd apparently is prepping for night #2, sending out their troops to big box stores to resupply various items that sound like they’re preparing for battle, not for peaceful protests. 

Organizers have brought in a large fresh supply of PPE, helmets, gas masks, goggles, umbrellas, paint, plywood, and other riot gear. Signs point demonstrators to equipment tents, including “Protection Kits 4 Tonight”

As RedState’s Ward Clark reported earlier, they had laughably publicized their desired items such as gluten-free snacks in addition to helmets and shields in a call for donations:


It appears to be a well-orchestrated effort, and according to the donation drive date on this tweet (May 3), they plan on being around for a while:

Meanwhile, while law enforcement was invisible Tuesday night, they’ve shown up in force Wednesday. Look at the video on the right of this tweet and you’ll see multiple LAPD cruisers deployed for action.

The situation is changing constantly, and we’ll keep you up-to-date on what happens. Will the feckless chancellor of UCLA do something? Will Gov. Gavin Newsom do his job, or will he continue to sit idly by? Meanwhile, where is Joe Biden as lawlessness descends upon so many of our campuses across the country? Our “leader” has yet to weigh in on the manner except for weak statements by his press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.


My wife’s friend was at Target Wednesday and overheard the following:

The sun is currently going down in Los Angeles. We’ll see what unfolds, but one thing we know for sure—the protesters are geared up for battle. 

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