Kirby’s New Remark on Iran-Backed Attack Is Maddening, As Mike Walz Reveals How ‘Feckless’ Biden Team Is

In the wake of the drone attack on U.S. forces that killed three American soldiers and wounded at least 30, you would think that the Biden administration would finally be responding with strong words and strong action. 


But even while Joe Biden says they will respond, National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby seemed to once again be softballing when he said they “did not seek to escalate.”

“We do not seek another war. We do not seek to escalate. But we will absolutely do what is required to protect ourselves,” Kirby said.

What weak sauce is that? Iranian-backed militants just killed three Americans and wounded many more, and you’re saying we don’t seek to escalate? You should be chastising them for escalating. It’s Iran that keeps escalating because the Biden team keeps playing these weak games. This is why Iran thinks they can do what they want — because they listen to Biden and to Kirby, and all they hear is wishy-washy. They think that gives them free rein. They know Biden has coddled them in the past and freed up money, so they simply don’t take him seriously.

Previously, Biden claimed we weren’t in a proxy war with Iran despite dozens of attacks by Iranian-backed militants on us. 


If you don’t respond enough to stop them when they attack you, they’re going to continue to attack. And you can deny a war as much as you want, but they’re still attacking you. But this is classic Biden denialism of the obvious. His weakness and coddling of Iran have backed us into this “war,” or whatever you choose to call it.  

Biden claimed on that same day that he’d sent a “message” to back Iran off. 

We saw how that message worked when they finally were able to kill our people. 

Rep. Mike Walz (R-FL) is a member of the House Armed Services, Intelligence, and Foreign Affairs Committees and a Special Forces officer with multiple tours in the Middle East. 


“They’ve gotten the message loud and clear that they can get away with it,” Walz declared. “And not only can they get away with it, that to the extent that we do respond, it’ll be feckless.” He said he’d talked to commanders out in the field about what Biden’s response was, and he said they were bombing empty warehouses “so the administration could check the box and look like they’re doing something in response, but they’re still beholden to this appeasement strategy when it comes to Iran.” 

Walz said the Biden team ends every comment with “We don’t want it to spread.” Yes, or we don’t seek conflict or want to escalate. Walz nailed them right on the button on this, as we see with Kirby. 

“What Iran hears from that is ‘Let’s take it to the next level, and see what we can get away with this time,’ and now we have three dead service members because of it,” Walz chastised the Biden team. “Many of us have been warning eventually one of these missiles, one of these drones, is going to get through. When you’re trying to play defense constantly without punching back in a meaningful way, their blood is on this administration’s hands, and they need to take responsibility for it.'”

Contrast that with the strength of former President Donald Trump in how he dealt with Iran, taking out Qasem Soleimani, and you see how appeasement never works. 


Even if Kirby and Biden don’t want to confront the problem or “escalate,” Iran will keep escalating against us because of the weakness when they’ve already had 159 attacks against us, and we don’t set them back. 


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