Maryam Laushi Biography: 10 Unknown Facts About Maryam Laushi, Age, Early Life, Career, Husband, Education, Net Worth

Maryam Laushi Biography

Maryam Laushi Biography

Maryam Laushi is a 27-year-old professional in communication and a dedicated activist, she has emerged as a prominent figure in the Northern region, passionately advocating for gender equality, social justice, and increased youth participation in politics.

Through various means such as writing, involvement in advocacy projects for women, and as a founding member of the Not Too Young To Run leadership team, she has been actively engaged in raising awareness on these crucial issues. Maryam’s unwavering commitment to principled activism has sparked widespread debate and dialogue on numerous social issues, gaining national recognition.

A graduate in Communications, Advertising, and Marketing, Maryam channels her passion into volunteering for multiple non-profit organizations, including the Youth Initiative for Advocacy, Growth, and Advancement (YIAGA). In 2017, her dedication was acknowledged when she was honored with the SME100 Nigeria’s 25 under-25 award for Active Citizenry and the Under 30s award for politics and governance.

Maryam envisions a future for Nigeria where young individuals and women play pivotal roles in shaping a prosperous nation. In discussing her journey into activism, her role as a pioneering member of the Not Too Young To Run Movement, and the various challenges that hinder women from active participation in politics, she sheds light on the transformative potential of empowering the youth and women in building a brighter future for the country.

Maryam Laushi Early Life & Activism

Maryam notes that her upbringing was influenced significantly by her father, who frequently discussed the negative impact of poor leadership on Nigerians and the resulting hardships they endured. This upbringing profoundly shaped her worldview, instilling in her a deep concern for people, the environment, and the need to address inequalities that adversely affect individuals.

As she matured, she keenly observed how exclusion and discrimination created additional challenges for various demographic groups, prompting her to regularly engage in discussions and writings on these issues. This natural progression ultimately led her towards activism.

Being a young woman, Maryam finds herself belonging to two groups often marginalized in decision-making processes. Recognizing the pivotal role that decision-making plays in shaping societies, countries, and the world at large, she realized the importance of supporting initiatives like “Not Too Young to Run.” This awareness resonated with her sensibilities, easily drawing her into the cause.

Maryam Laushi Education & Career

Maryam Laushi graduated from Coventry University, earning her Bachelor’s degree in Advertising & Media and later completing her Master’s degree in Marketing Management. Following the completion of her Master’s program, Laushi moved to Nigeria.

During her NYSC, Maryam Laushi was assigned to Leadership Newspaper groups, and following that, she played a significant role as a research and social media assistant in Mallam Nasir El’ Rufai’s successful 2015 gubernatorial campaign. After the election, she relocated from Kaduna to Abuja, assuming the role of New Media Manager at Leadership Newspaper groups, a move that propelled her career in communication.

Maryam, along with nineteen others, was a trailblazer in founding the “Not Too Young to Run Movement,” gaining attention from both Nigerians and the government. More than 20 states in the Federal Republic of Nigeria signed the bill, with 10 other states still considering it. Maryam’s dedication extends to her volunteer work for the non-profit Youth Initiative for Advocacy, Growth, and Advancement (YIAGA), reflecting her passion for education, growth, and development.

Her fearless and persistent spirit in pursuing seemingly impossible goals recently led to her appointment as the National Publicity Secretary of the Modern Democratic Party of Nigeria on March 26, 2018. Maryam Laushi is actively making history, shaping the present and future, and it’s an empowering time to be a youth and a woman in Nigeria.

Maryam expresses that she draws inspiration from individuals who challenged limits and instigated transformative change beyond what was conceivable in their era. Some notable figures include Thomas Sankara, an advocate for revolution and the liberation of African women; Martin Luther King Jr., who championed peace amidst adversity and violence; Beyoncé, renowned for her unwavering dedication and consistent hard work over many years; and Amina J Mohammed, who achieved great heights while staying authentic to herself. Additionally, Maryam finds inspiration in the everyday lives of people, the support of family and friends, artistic expression, and the beauty of nature.

Maryam Laushi Husband

Leo Da Silva Weds Maryam Laushi In Kaduna.

Leo Dasilva, a former participant on Big Brother Naija, recently got married to his partner, Maryam Laushi, in a traditional ceremony held on Saturday in Kaduna State. Colleagues and friends have been sending congratulatory messages to the newlyweds.

Earlier this year, Leo and Maryam announced their engagement. Leo gained fame after his participation in the reality show’s third season in 2018. Notably, his wedding coincides with another Big Brother Naija star, Chizzy Francis, who also recently tied the knot with his partner in Anambra State.

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