May 23, 2024
Skomota Biography

Skomota Biography

Skomota is often hailed as the luckiest person in South Africa. He achieved a remarkable win of more than 3 million rand through Betway. Born in October 1995, Skomota, also known as Ngwana Sesi, has drawn widespread notice due to his humor and playful demeanor. Referred to as Mr. All Over, his inventive and comical nature has attracted people who enjoy being in his company.

Skomota, born in Limpopo, is currently 34 years old. Among the locals, he was renowned for his penchant for betting and leading a modest lifestyle. With a strong appreciation for the opposite gender, his social outings are usually accompanied by a charming lady, often introduced by his friends. In addition to his comedic nature, Skomota also has a passion for DJing and has graced the turntables on various occasions to entertain party attendees.

He is an ardent fan of Shebeshxt, Moruti wa Dikota, and Vusi Ma R5, and he harbors aspirations of entering the music industry.

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Skomota Net Worth

Skomota presently enjoys a substantial following on various social media platforms, including Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. He has secured multiple brand ambassador contracts with both South African and international companies. It is estimated that his net worth amounts to 10 million Rand.

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