‘The View’ Hypocrites Flip-Flop on Third-Party Presidential Candidates in Less a Month – Any Guesses?

On Monday’s episode of perhaps the most hypocritical show on television, the ladies of “The View” stepped up their flip-flopping game — yet again — on their opinion of third parties. 


Earlier in January, Whoopi Goldberg practically begged former Republican Rep. Liz Cheney (Pretend R- Wyo.) to enter the 2024 presidential race as a third-party candidate to say nasty things about former President Donald Trump — and hopefully hurt his chances of winning the election.

Lo and behold, on Monday, the ladies changed their minds. Again. 

Let’s go to race hustler extraordinaire Sunny Hostin for her incisive take. In response to Whoopi’s question about whether Hostin was concerned about California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s warning about third-party candidates hurting Joe Biden’s reelection chances, Sunny was all over it.

Yes. Yes. I am very concerned. I mean, I talk to Joy about it all the time. This is her big, big thing. She always talks about Ralph Nader and how he was a spoiler. But I just learned today, that when Jill Stein ran and it was Trump versus Hillary, there were three states, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, where Stein’s vote total exceeded Trump’s margin of victory. So, had she perhaps not been part of it, Hillary Clinton would have been president.

Cartoonish Ana Navaro was all over it, as well.

Yeah, and listen. I’m, you know – We’re old enough to remember when Ross Perot was a spoiler for George Herbert Walker Bush. And in that case, that was 1996, and in that case, you had George Herbert Walker Bush who’s a sane, good, normal human being running against Bill Clinton. He was a ho, but he was a normal, good human being.

In this case, you have got Joe Biden, a sane, decent, normal human being running against a man who is an existential threat to democracy and to the foreign world, to the international world, to the universe! So, this is not a normal, “Oh, you know what? We can afford to have a spoiler. We can afford to have Manchin running around.” 


But, Navaro added: “There’s [sic] a lot of credible people who we know who’ve left No Labels now, including my husband, including Larry Hogan.” Hmm. Now, why would she say that? 

Even token pretend Republican Alyssa Farah Griffin hopped on the Flip-Flop Train, albeit more honestly than the other ladies. (Emphasis, mine.)

I guess my – So, there are definitely concerns of [sic] the spoiler effect. I do think this country is overdue for another option than just two political parties, but I think you have to think about how to do that the right way — that it doesn’t boost the most unfit individual.

My thing is, whenever this conversation comes up, it’s almost like we’re all tacitly acknowledging that Biden is weaker than Trump. That’s what it sounds like to me, because if Trump is actually weaker in general than Biden, wouldn’t that mean that we shouldn’t be worried he’s going to lose more votes?

Bingo. That’s precisely what it means — and every lady on that panel knows it.

Finally, Sarah Haines with a predictable take:

This is just not the – This is not the time for a third party. Change comes very slowly in this country as we know watching the history that has unfolded here good and bad, it takes time. We are a bipartisan situation right now. There is not a runway to bring in a third. 

Although Alyssa, I do concede polls show people are not super psyched about the candidates in general right now. But there’s no room to swap it out. Although, I’m on board for a split ticket third party going forward after this election. I would love that.


Yet, less than 30 days ago, it was a very good time for a third party, right, Sarah? So why not now? Never mind — the question is rhetorical. Oh, and Joe Biden appreciates y’all’s support.


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