May 23, 2024

As RedState reported, major unrest has taken place in the last 48 hours at the University of California Los Angeles in Westwood. Officials have been rightly criticized for their lack of response, but it looks like they’re going to be moving in on the encampment shortly.


Since Monday several people were injured, including a Jewish woman carrying the Israeli flag who was bludgeoned by five people. She had to be rushed to the emergency room.

On Wednesday, the Los Angeles Police Department issued a declaration over loudspeaker: The gathering is an unlawful assembly and everyone must leave the area or be subject to arrest


The Los Angeles Police Department issued a dispersal order Wednesday for the pro-Palestinian protesters who have set up an encampment on the University of California Los Angeles campus.

A heavy law enforcement presence remains at the University of California Los Angeles Wednesday following a chaotic night between pro-Palestinian protesters and pro-Israeli counterdemonstrators that included fights, firecrackers and different chemicals sprayed during the confrontation.

Pro-Palestinian protesters set up their encampment behind plywood and metal barriers, which were broken down violently by counter-protesters Tuesday night. Sticks, rocks, cones and other objects were thrown at the encampment – actions that escalated to violence condemned by Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass and Gov. Gavin Newsom.

This aerial view of the UCLA campus show both the crowds and law enforcement increasing.

From the looks of things, the protestors seem to be preparing for a heavy battle. My colleague Bob Hoge reported Tuesday that a ramping up, rather than a winding down, was in motion.

On Wednesday, the anti-Israel crowd apparently is prepping for night #2, sending out their troops to big box stores to resupply various items that sound like they’re preparing for battle, not for peaceful protests. 


BREAKING: A disconcerting sight over the heavily vandalized Royce Hall quad, where the pro-Palestinian encampment at UCLA has been re-fortified. Organizers have brought in a large fresh supply of PPE, helmets, gas masks, goggles, umbrellas, paint, plywood, and other riot gear. Signs point demonstrators to equipment tents, including “Protection Kits 4 Tonight”

The pro-Palestinian protestors are demanding divestment and blaming the UC system for its links to both foreign wars and domestic police brutality. The spokesperson demanded that both issues be addressed.

According to Fox 11 L.A., units from LAPD, LA Sheriff’s Department, California Highway Patrol, and Beverly Hills Police Department are on the scene and are forming skirmish lines in riot gear in preparation for the dispersal of the crowds. So, the pro-Palestinian protestors may end up facilitating more police brutality, which may be their wish.


An aerial view showed numerous LA County Sheriff’s Department buses ready to take arrestees to jail.

Fox LA also reported that their sources claimed that law enforcement would be moving in on the encampment by 9 PM Pacific. We’ll bring you updates as they’re available.

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