May 23, 2024

Chaos and violence continue to plague college campuses across the country as students and activists lash out in support of genocidal terrorists. On Tuesday night, police officers in riot gear moved in to liberate Hamilton Hall at Columbia University after it was stormed by pro-Hamas “protesters” a day earlier. At the same time, clashes broke out on the campus of UCLA between the terrorist supporters and a contingent of counter-protesters.


Those confrontations were spawned by pro-Hamas “protesters” assaulting a Jewish student earlier in the day and holding another hostage for an hour. Videos of both incidents have since gone viral. All of this occurred near the school’s illegal “encampment,” where tents have been set up amid “Palestinian” flags and banners with genocidal slogans plastered on them.

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Laughably, despite their continued illegal trespassing and violent actions, the Hamas supporters decided to hold a press conference on Thursday issuing a list of demands and complaints. What was one of their complaints? That police didn’t intervene to protect them.

No, I’m not kidding. Someone figure out a way to cook this down and inject it directly into my veins.

As Bill Melugin points out, one of the demands of the pro-Hamas “protesters” before Tuesday night’s extracurriculars was to abolish the police. You quite literally can not make this stuff up. The same people who are actively breaking the law, from trespassing to committing acts of violence, are mad that the police didn’t rush to their rescue when other students finally had enough and struck back. 


The level of entitlement is hard to fathom, though you can be assured it is extremely prevalent on these left-wing college campuses. It’s also no mystery where they learned it from. What have the “Palestinians” always done? They’ve constantly lashed out and attacked others only to play the victim the moment retaliation comes. From “global intifada by any means necessary” to “we are being genocided, send aid” in the blink of an eye. These UCLA students know the game, and they are playing a sanitized version of it melded with far-left protest tactics. 

It’s all fun and games when it’s the pro-Hamas contingent flaunting the law. When the pushback comes, though, they want the police to do their bidding. I suspect many officers are not going to be too interested in dancing to that tune. Especially given the risk to themselves and their careers dealing with left-wing activists who want to see their demise.

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