May 23, 2024

The build-up of CHP officers on Wednesday night at UCLA wasn’t just for show. As of this writing, a large contingent of riot police are moving through the campus, clearing debris and attempting to make entry into the illegal pro-Hamas encampment. Violence has already broken out on the outskirts.


Fox News’ Bill Melugin got word of the impending raid that has now begun. 

The encampment was reinforced over the last several days with pallets and plywood zip-tied together to form a parameter. Counts of up to 800 people inside have been given. Reports of urine being thrown at police provide a clue as to what the breaking point was here.


This is an ongoing operation and will take some time to complete. Police will likely have to pull back and regroup multiple times given the sheer number of pro-Hamas trespassers to be arrested along with all the debris. That assumes leadership doesn’t step in to call them off completely. If that happens, the terror encampment will only be encouraged to do more damage.

RedState will keep you updated as this unfolds. 

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